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What I Learned In 2016 – Mylifeaseva

2016 is finally, finally over (good¬†riddance and peace out). As I can assume through social media, 2016 was kind of a nightmare for everyone. Now I’m not going to lie,

Sailing In The Aegean Sea

On my 22nd birthday, I found myself in Santorini, Greece. I’m not one to “treat myself” on one day adventures, but since Greece was my dream destination, and I had


If you would have asked me any year of my life what my dream destination would be, I would have told you Greece. I was obsessed with Greece, particularly Mykonos.


Disappearing seems to be my specialty. I have this thing about me that is; whenever I stay in one place for too long, I go absolutely crazy. History has proven

The Perfect Summer Hairstyle

Ahh, the side braid. It’s the most simple braid. Even more simple than a simple braid… if that makes any sense. I always have trouble doing a braid to the

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  • Find someone to enjoy various types of beans with andhellip
  • The true miracle isnt walking on water or walking onhellip
  • Currently pooping nothing but rice and beans which can onlyhellip
  • Currently in Miami but I cant stop singing Paris byhellip