The Prettiest Foods I’ve Eaten In LA

Milk  What’s It Famous For: Ice Cream/Shakes/Cupcakes Order: Mint Chocolate Sandwich/Red Velvet Sandwich Address: 7290 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036 Pressed What’s It Famous For: Healthy cold pressed juices Order: Greens 5

My favorite Summer Lock Screens!

Summer is here! It was 91 degrees outside today, which is the worlds way of telling me it’s time to finally change my lock screen from the photo of Oprah

How To Dress For School!

Today I headed over to my school, which was completely deserted since it’s now summer break. I wanted to film there, because I swear it never fails to give me

My First Movie Premiere

                                                           Wow! My first big movie premiere. It’s insane to me, thinking I could get invited to such an event. Movie premieres are for celebrities, actors, famous

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