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How To Dress For School!

Today I headed over to my school, which was completely deserted since it’s now summer break. I wanted to film there, because I swear it never fails to give me

My First Movie Premiere

                                                           Wow! My first big movie premiere. It’s insane to me, thinking I could get invited to such an event. Movie premieres are for celebrities, actors, famous

What I Wore To Filming My New Video!

               Hey guys!! It’s been only a few days and I already feel I’ve missed you. The other day, my youtube besties Alisha and Jeanine were over, and we were

Another Day, Another Bikini

                 Enjoy these *cough* attractive photos of me on the beach. So the other day I went surfing with Jeanine in Laguna, and the next day I figured (as it was

The First Surf Of Summer

Suddenly I wasn’t the girl that cared about “getting her hair wet” or making excuses. I wasn’t the girl to lounge in the sun, but the girl to jump into the waves. I wasn’t scared anymore. I had conquered my fear of the ocean. I wanted to be drenched in sun and pounded with saltwater, pushed under the deep, crisp sea and tossed around. I opened my eyes and watched my underwater surroundings spin around me, as If I was in a giant, magical wheel of wet clothes in a dryer.

Take Me To The 70’s

     I don’t know much about the 70’s. All I know is I wish I could have been a part of it- the fashion, at least. I’ve been so into

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