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My favorite Summer Lock Screens!

Summer is here! It was 91 degrees outside today, which is the worlds way of telling me it’s time to finally change my lock screen from the photo of Oprah

How To Dress For School!

Today I headed over to my school, which was completely deserted since it’s now summer break. I wanted to film there, because I swear it never fails to give me

My First Movie Premiere

                                                           Wow! My first big movie premiere. It’s insane to me, thinking I could get invited to such an event. Movie premieres are for celebrities, actors, famous

What I Wore To Filming My New Video!

               Hey guys!! It’s been only a few days and I already feel I’ve missed you. The other day, my youtube besties Alisha and Jeanine were over, and we were

Another Day, Another Bikini

                 Enjoy these *cough* attractive photos of me on the beach. So the other day I went surfing with Jeanine in Laguna, and the next day I figured (as it was

The First Surf Of Summer

Suddenly I wasn’t the girl that cared about “getting her hair wet” or making excuses. I wasn’t the girl to lounge in the sun, but the girl to jump into the waves. I wasn’t scared anymore. I had conquered my fear of the ocean. I wanted to be drenched in sun and pounded with saltwater, pushed under the deep, crisp sea and tossed around. I opened my eyes and watched my underwater surroundings spin around me, as If I was in a giant, magical wheel of wet clothes in a dryer.

Take Me To The 70’s

     I don’t know much about the 70’s. All I know is I wish I could have been a part of it- the fashion, at least. I’ve been so into

Coast meets Country 

Long story short, wear whatever you want, even if people will laugh at you and not understand your eclectic style. Splurge on things every once in a while, but know where to shop for things worth saving on.

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