Spring Break In The Maldives!

Those of you who know me (and my Pinterest board) know that the Maldives has been number one on my dream destination list for years. Ever since I fell in love with surfing, I fell in love with the Maldives. I’ve had reoccurring fantasies of what it would be like to truly experience the Maldives, and this April, I finally got to experience it for myself! The craziest thing that I’ve told everyone I came across since I’ve been back is that YES, Maldives is in fact exactly how you would expect it to be from the dreamy photos that circulate the internet. The Maldives lived above and beyond my expectations, and I can’t wait to share my trip with you!

The trip came about thanks to @TheLuxeNomad, which is the world’s leading luxury booking portal for the best travel stories like this one. They introduced me to The Six Senses Laamu, which is where I had the pleasure of staying for my trip. Wow. First off, let me just give a shout out to literally the nicest and most hospital group of people I’ve ever met on a trip; the Six Senses staff. When Adam and I arrived, we hopped right off the boat and into the sweetest greeting i’ve had yet on a stay. On the island, the Six Senses has marine biologists, personal helpers that they call “Gems”, who are specifically designed to help you throughout your stay, chefs, organic in-house farmers and more. We met our Gem and were quickly whisked off into our tour of the island.

The Six Senses island isn’t as small as we thought it would be. You would think based off of all the photos of secluded Maldives over water villas, an island hotel would maybe have 30 rooms. We were surprised to find out that the Six Senses has at a time up to 300 guests staying on the island! It’s so funny though, because the whole duration of my stay, the island felt like my own. It was quiet, peaceful, and there was an abundance of space to wander about on a bike ride.

When we got to our villa, we had two bikes waiting for us at the front door. At the Six Senses, they carve initials into wood and put them on the tail end of your bike so you have your own personalized form of transport to get around the island! Adam showed up a bit confused, since they ended up carving his middle name into the wood instead of his first! Can you guess what middle name Adam has? Hint- it starts with an N. 

Villa life was a story in itself. Getting to lounge around with a view of the reef connecting to the ocean was truly magical. Every day, if Adam and I weren’t galavanting around the grounds, we were in our villa, eating fruit and soaking up sun. I actually got so much sun that I returned with the weirdest face tan i’ve ever received. The villas at the Six Senses are all absolutely fantastic. We had Jetty A villa 12, which was great because we had no other villas facing into us. 

Food on the island was not slacked on. Food is important on a trip where you’re not running around a city trying to scout restaurants. It’s what everybody on the island is eating! It needs to be great! The Six Senses knew this, and delivered every morning with the biggest and most colorful breakfast i’ve seen from a hotel. They had every option, from fruit, to crepes, to green juice, to Indian food, to greek food, to breads and more. I could literally go on and on. Lunch and dinner was no joke either. We usually ended up at “Sip Sip” for lunch, and tried our best to try all of the different types of restaurants during our stay. 

Of course, every night the sunset was fantastic. Adam and I liked to end up at the Chill Bar around 6 pm to watch the sunset and play a fierce game of Bananagrams. Of course, Adam will tell you he won the game, but I’m pretty sure “Turkle” and “Lits” aren’t words.

Don’t forget to leave your villa every now and then and explore. I know, it’s hard to leave it’s perfection. But Adam and I would have never discovered the best water and beach on the island had we not walked to the complete opposite side. We found two hammocks right out of a perfect picture, posted up in the water. We ordered Pina coladas and took film photos while taking turns trying to hop up on the hammocks! The beach is the place to hang during the afternoon. 

There are waves too! The Six Senses has a great wave called Yin Yang that’s just a short boat ride away. There’s also a beginner wave and a left break! Of course, you can’t go to the Maldives without getting in the water. 

For our last night in the Maldives, Adam and I took a catamaran trip to the sandbar, which is a tiny secluded island right off the Six Senses. We danced on our own private beach and rode off into the sunset. It was pretty dang romantic. 

The Six Senses Laamu was epic. Point blank. It was everything you could hope for In the Maldives and more. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect trip, and I hope that someday you get to experience such a beautiful spot on our planet! Fun fact: The Maldives is filled with my favorite sea animal; the Manta Ray! I didn’t get to see any, but hopefully my next time around I can get to dive with them. They are the most beautiful creatures. Huge shoutout to The Luxe Nomad for helping me put together my dream trip! Documenting the Maldives was a dream. Do you have a desire to go to the Maldives? Have you been? Let me know below!!



Eva Gutowski

YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski (better known as MyLifeAsEva) is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger with over 3 Million YouTube Subscribers and 5M followers across social media. Each week, Eva shares room-decorating tips, Tumblr-inspired outfits, day-in-the-life videos, and more.

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  • Kate Bordin

    This is so gorgeous, and brings me so much inspiration to get myself somewhere. Watching your “why I’m breathing” made me think on the fact of how you’re life hasn’t always been the way it is now, and that you’ve come so far to reach where you are at the moment. You have a beautiful soul & spirit, and I’m proud of you for getting as far as you have. I wish you the best for the future, x

  • I’m glad you had an amazing time there! I haven’t been to Maldives (yet!) but just like you, I’m a pinterestaholic therefore I’ve been in to many places (in my imagination) 😛
    I still can’t believe how many beautiful things our planet has to offer and I can’t wait to discover as much as possible, starting with visiting the US, because as much as you enjoy visiting Europe, I’m an european that wants to visit America so bad!
    Thanks for sharing your experience and incredible photos, continue enjoying life! Have an amazing day ♥


  • This looks absolutely amazing and I am loving all of these photos! X

  • danielle

    Eva, what camera did u use for photos? Love you <3

  • Talie

    Ah that was written SO FANTASTIC
    Can’t believe I also will open Maldives for myself in August. Can’t wait for that moment!

    Eva, thanks a lot you inspire me to explore the world around and inside myself?
    Please, continue travel and inspire other people to live better.

    Best regards,

  • I can’t wait to explore the Maldives one day! Your travel diary was awesome, Eva! Thanks for the amazing post!

    I hope you have a lovely Tuesday,

  • I love this post so much! I’d his middle name Nathan?

  • Great post and wonderful pictures ❣❣❣

  • Hannah Claire

    Absolutely gorgeous writing! You are so extremely talented. I can’t stress this enough how much I strive to be like you! You are so inspirational and positive. You look at life in a way most people don’t and I want to be like that.

  • Lara Bell

    I have never been to the Maldives, but I have always wanted to go there. I’m more like an island type of person. It is definitely on my top list to travel to places. I love the scenery of palm trees, sandy beaches and the sea. Thank you for showing the experience of being in the Maldives through your positive words and good description. BTW you are such an inspiration to my life and I hope you stay as positive as you are.

  • Fayla Swift

    All the pictures are so beautiful and you’re rockin in all of them…I’ve never been to Maldives but have been around some beautiful parts of South Asia…love you Eva ?

  • Fayla Swift
  • sammy

    Looked like so much fun Eva!!
    My dream is to go there one day, it’s so beautiful + tropical
    Love you xx

  • Alice Shatz

    somebody please tell me where eva got her white one-piece?

  • Iba Abdulla

    I am so glad that you enjoyed your stay here in my country! The resorts are so much fun yes!! ( I’ve yet to visit The Six Senses! I’ll definitely tell my parents to take me there next month instead of Sun Island. T.T ) I watched your snap stories when you were here, and just CRIED cause who wouldn’t when your favorite YouTuber comes to your country? T.T Hope that you’ll visit again and get to dive with Manta Rays!! Love you so much!! ❤️


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