Golden Hours At Coachella

Coachella 2016 was a LOT to beat. The girls and I had the most amazing time last year, just the four of us running around together, holding hands and dancing until the sun went down. It was a true expression of friendship that we could never recreate. This year was even more special, because not only did it bring a reunion to the Savage slaying the festival yet again, but we had newcomers into the group! Sierra’s boyfriend Alex came, and my boyfriend Adam came along as well. And then there were six to the squad. But wait- we cannot forget the absolute GEM of a new best friend we had to pleasure to meet this year; Riley! Riley Taylor is not only a phenomenal photographer, but a total sweetheart AAAAND a VEGAN!!! Riley and I first shot together a few months ago where we discovered we both loved vegan hotdogs with mustard and Urth green teas. I’m so glad we all got to spend a lot of Coachella this year together, and wanted to share with you some of my favorite photo moments from Day 1 and Day 2. I didn’t go to Day 3 this year, two days was enough for me because I’m actually turning more and more into a grandmother each month of my life.

Coachella 2017 was perfect. The highlight was definitely getting to see my favorite band since freshman year of high school; The XX, with Adam. A Coachella vlog will be coming soon, but for now, please enjoy these incredible photos captured exclusively by Riley Taylor, and after, check out his Instagram!


I hope you enjoyed these photos from Coachella 2017! Comment below who your favorite band is. And don’t forget to check out Riley Taylor here. 

Love you!



Eva Gutowski

YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski (better known as MyLifeAsEva) is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger with over 3 Million YouTube Subscribers and 5M followers across social media. Each week, Eva shares room-decorating tips, Tumblr-inspired outfits, day-in-the-life videos, and more.

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  • very cute u guys look, so cute couple, and nice outfits

  • You look so lovely Eva! Beautiful photos btw. X

  • Snigdha Kucharlapati

    livin the dream liiifeee while I have to study for finals :/

  • Ylva Sørli

    I love the pictures! Can´t really choose a favorite band, but some artists I love is Sondre Lerche, Zara Larsson and Arctic Monkeys 🙂 <3

  • Dais H

    You are such a huge inspiration to me, and lead me to be confident & careless ❤️ I adoreeee the photos, hopefully I can go to coachella one day! And as for my favourite band….. I honestly have no idea. I’m so old school so maybe… ABBA?????

  • sammy

    Loved the blogpost Eva!
    Coachella loooked soooo fun.
    you inspired me to make a blog, would love if you could check it out!
    The instagram is @saltwatersammy

  • Torivia

    I litarrally am fan of your channel for years now but found out a few minutes ago you have a blog. I feel stupid now. Anyway your blog is amazing eva! It’s reaally inspirating me and I love to hear what u thought of your adventures and other specific things that make you happy.❤️

  • Fayla Swift

    Supaaa cute photos also I wanted to go so badly and see my favorite band GroupLove! Check them out (: much love ?

  • Victoria Ianbekova

    LOOOOOVVVVEEEE! favorite band has to be Florida Georgia Line


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  • Mom and dad of Paris and Hanalei
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