My Palm Springs Oasis – Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage

When I think of Palm Springs, I think of dance competitions and long uber rides to the Coachella music festival. Both are great things, but hectic things. I myself am a professional relaxer, and yet I had somehow never gotten the opportunity to use Palm Springs to relax. 

Ritz Carlton has great hotels all over the world, but don’t let the Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage go unnoticed. Located on the highest point of the valley, it’s views can stun even the most cultured of travelers. The drive up to the top of the valley is speckled with lush palm trees that night up in the night with different colors, and when you finally arrive, you are welcomed with a cool breeze and smell that I still cannot put my finger on exactly what it is- but it smells so. good. 

Here’s what I got up to in just two days at the Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage!

Roses and Roses

The Rancho Mirage is beautifully landscaped. Oh my God, the red roses that lined the reflecting pool were begging to be photographed. I am a sucker for fresh and colorful flowers, so of course, I was in love. Pair the roses with green leaves and perfectly planted palm trees and you’ve got a perfect entryway. Throughout the hotel there are many plants and flowers native to the land, and even some white roses!

What I Wore:

Dress- Rebecca Minkoff

Hat- Lack Of Colour

Picnic Time

Adam was dead set on having a picnic. I was scared of the idea, since I’m vegan and it’s hard to find easy vegan options at hotels. We asked a man at the Club Lounge to help us organize a picnic. We came back the next day and he had set aside two blankets for us to sit on, an entirely vegan picnic spread, a roast beef sandwich for Adam, made-on-site Carmel toffee popcorn and organized it all in a traditional wicker picnic basket, all with a bottle of red wine. We were incredibly impressed and thankful. We set the picnic up in the grass area next to their zone for kids, and ate our food while occasionally playing corn hole together. Yes, Rancho Mirage has corn hole.

What I Wore:

Dress- Sisters The Label

Breakfast By The Fire

I looked forward every morning to heading to State Fare for waffles, pancakes and mimosas. Adam opted for a healthier option; spinach omelettes, but I can’t pass on berries and waffles. I read the morning paper each day and chose to sit outdoor by their fire pits.

Classic Cabanas

Hanging by the pool was awesome. It got even more awesome when I finally decided to touch the water after 30 minutes to find out that to my surprise, the adult pool was heated! I was so scared to touch the water since it was a bit chilly outside, and then the pool had been heated the whole time. I love their cabanas and chairs. The vertical striped peach color is right up my aesthetic alley, and reminds me of my favorite era; the 60’s. Adam and I lounged here for a solid few hours.

What I Wore:

Swimsuit- Tigermist

Bag- Etsy Vintage

Sunglasses- Etsy Vintage

Spa Dates

Adam and I got to check out the Rancho Mirage spa. I’d never seen a hotel spa that put so many personal and fun touches into it. When I first got a tour of the spa, the tour guide showed me to a room of FLAVORED SHOWERS. Take that in. Showers with infused waters. Epic. There was a eucalyptus shower (my personal fave), a mango shower and a jasmine shower. The women’s waiting room had assorted nuts, teas and snacks. The coed spa was beautifully crafted to look like a waterfall was coming out of light rock. Adam and I got a couple’s massage and then spent the sunset soaking in the coed spa.

Rancho Mirage was overall a great experience that literally solidified my desire to become a hotel reviewer, because it’s so fun paying attention to the very important details of a place! I would definitely go back. It was a constant state of relaxation, staying here. I would recommend to go, and have dinner at The Edge on your first night. Sunbathe at the pool. Play corn hole. Read a newspaper! Soak in those valley views. Rancho Mirage is your playground for alone time and relaxation.

Have you been to Palm Springs?

What did you think!



Eva Gutowski

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