Bali is a wonderful place I’ve gotten to discover a little slice of this past year. A year ago, when someone would ask me where my favorite place in the world was, I never thought I’d be saying Bali. Yet every time someone asks me for travel advice, I just can’t help but immediately start raving about Bali, Indonesia.

And the funny thing is, I rave about the villa life in Bali just as much as the adventure side to the destination! Villas in Bali are an essential part of enjoying your stay. I couldn’t just do one post on Bali, so I’ve decided to break it up into two. This post is only about the villa life, and an adventure life Bali post will be coming soon. Here are some important and just fun facts I discovered while enjoying my villa in Bali.

Villa: Puri Beji

Location: Canggu, Bali

Villas are magical.

I found my villa for Bali on Airbnb. It was extremely easy to pick out a nice one, as villas are a common choice of stay while vacationing in Bali. I would recommend a villa over a hotel any day in Bali, because you’re going to soak up a lot more of what Bali has to offer. Bali is meant for relaxing. Bali is meant for tranquility. At a hotel, you’re going to see a lot of fellow travelers going in and out every day, and your lodging experience is going to often be less culturally inventive, whereas a villa is way more personal. Often times, you may be the only traveler in your villa, or may have 1-3 other travelers staying in connected villas around the property, so it’s a much more intimate experience. Many villas also come with a chef to help you with breakfast or a special dinner, and many of the villa representatives are eager to lead you to the best restaurants nearby. Our villa chefs prepared us an amazing breakfast every morning we were there!

Relax and unwind.

Massages in Bali. Oh. My. Goodness. You can’t go to Bali without getting a good massage. The prices compared to America (or literally anywhere else) are phenomenal! I had to “splurge” on the $18 massage every single day I was there, and If I lived in Bali, I’m pretty sure all my money would go to bargain massages.

It’s the coolest thing. The villa helped organize it all, and called the massage company for us. At the time of the massage, the ladies would lay out massage beds in the common area of the villa, open all the windows and put on soothing music. Every day at 3 pm, we’d lay down shirtless and enjoy the best massages of our lives while listening to the calming sound of birds chirping. It was as close to heaven as we could get.

Blast your tunes.

My villa had a Sonos speaker system throughout every room of the house, which was absolutely amazing. I had never heard of the speakers before, but as soon as I got home, I had to get one of my own. To get to wake up, lounge around and fall asleep all day to your favorite tunes had me going wild. I’d dance around the entire villa and be the DJ, suppling tunes for every changing mood with the hours. I’d literally determine when everyone woke up, just by controlling the music from my phone in other peoples rooms… hehe. If you don’t have surround sound, no problem. I never leave home without a portable speaker! 

I am the DJ of this villa.

Enjoy the mornings.

I’ve never woken up so early on a trip before Bali. I sleep in. I love sleep. I am sleep. Yet somehow, the first morning I wake up in Bali, I am wide awake at 6 a.m, ripping open the blinds and fully taking in the sunrise. Literally- the sunrise. Maybe it was jet lag, or maybe it was that awakening (haha… awake..) feeling that the combination of the sun rising behind the purple clouds and the morning birds singing that just really got me going. I woke up every day that trip at 6 a.m. to enjoy the sunset and play music in my room, while I laid in bed. 

Make your own fun.

Ultimately, what I loved about life in the Bali villa was that time felt like it slowed down. It felt like I’d do a million things in the day and then check my clock and it was only 12 p.m. We’d take the time in the day to swim, write, dance, create, sleep, relax, have conversations, and then run out to the city for a quick Nalu bowl. Bali villa’s are for unwinding and recharging, and that’s exactly what we did. I can clearly see why everyone wants a house in Bali- even I want my own villa to call home. It’s your own personal abode for the duration of your trip to work and play, all in perfect harmony.

Have you stayed in a villa? Where did you go?

Let me know!



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  • Ish

    gosh it looks amazing ! i’ve never been to bali but it sure is high on my travel wish list right now
    xx Ish

  • Your stay in Bali look awesome! Massage and relaxing are the best things to do on vacay. I hope i visit Bali and enjoy everything that you did.

    XX Atheera | XX

  • Em

    I’ve stayed in a villa in Italy and Cypros and I totally recommend it over a hotel. It’s so much nicer to have your own yard and space without other travelers going in and out

  • Bali is on my top places to visit this year! I love tropical places.

  • Alexia B

    Wow thats looks so soo amazing Eva ! Do you think those villas are affordable if you are a budget traveller ? I would love to stay in one !! 🙂