Christmas In St. Moritz, Switzerland

You guys know how much I love to travel. Alaine and I basically took the world by storm in 2016, traveling everywhere from the Bahamas to the Aegean Sea (which btw was the most freeing time of my life!). I was literally prepared to take on forty more countries in a week with Alaine, until she got a real person job and suddenly could no longer be my travel buddy for the time being.

I was devastated.

Who was I going to eat vegan schnitzel with in the streets of Berlin? Who would hold my hand as I waded through a beach break of (friendly but f*cking intimidating) stingrays in the cays of the Caribbean?

In comes Barto.

Captain Barto, as I should say. Or, as I like to call him; Adam.

Adam is my boyfriend. And with only having been “official” with him for maybe two weeks, I asked him to come with me to Europe…On a crazy Switzerland adventure… because yes, I am insane.

Luckily he said yes, because I soon found out that Adam too, is insane.

Nonetheless, we packed our bags and a few days later we took a literal 14 hour Lord Of The Rings odyssey to find St. Moritz, Switzerland, where we would be exploring for the next week.

Berina Express Swiss Alps, St. Moritz, Switzerland

Trains, trains everywhere. 

When in St. Moritz, be prepared to take the train or bus. But don’t fret- you’ll absolutely want to. Especially the Berina Express, which is that iconic red train that travels through the alps and has panoramic views for all your Harry Potter dreams to come true! My tip is to take an early train so it’s more likely that the panoramic cab is empty, and you and your travel buddy can have it all to yourself to play music/dance/sing/take photos/be obnoxious and just enjoy the views in solidarity.

Take the Berina Express to Alp Grum, especially if you are visiting in the peak winter seasons. Theres a giant frozen lake that is a glorious shade of alpine blue, and you can ice skate here. But- be prepared and bring your own ice skates. We couldn’t find any rental spots there, and it’s easier to rent them in town for a cheap price and return them after your train ride. If you go to St. Moritz you HAVE to ice skate at this spot. Apparently it’s the “second best spot to ice skate in all of Europe” (as the locals said), and with the combination of absolute tranquility, a background of the snowcapped Swiss Alps, frozen teal blue ice to skate on and a bright red train passing by- I’ll give that claim to them without a doubt.

Ice skating on Alp Grum train station, Lago Blanco

Pink house in St. Moritz, Switzerland Swiss Alps

I could go to St. Moritz just to ride the trains through anywhere they could take me. The cool thing about St. Moritz is that it’s got a central train station that can get you to so many places. If you had a few days in St. Moritz, you could take the train all the way to Munich, Frankfurt or even Milan! It’s not a far ride, and there’s even a restaurant on board. If you can’t go as far as hopping the country, you can still enjoy the train on the way to and from the airport. Theres tons to see and tons to take photos of! I snapped this photo of the pink house on the way to the airport on our last day.

Berina Express with Adam and Eva

Giradino Hotel, Switzerland

Of course, when in St. Moritz, you’re going to need a cool place to stay. We stayed at Hotel Giardino Mountain, which is a five star hotel located in a pocket of St. Moritz and surrounded by some very aesthetic little hotels that are perfect for shooting looks around. Be sure to keep an eye out for doors in St. Moritz; they provide the most beautiful backdrop for outfit pics! 

When in the Swiss Alps, you have to go skiing or snowboarding! I went snowboarding for the first time, which resulted in a lot of scary falls on my butt just inches away from sliding off the slope and into 400 pine trees. Advice: maybe don’t learn how to snowboard on any mountain in St. Moritz… the easy ones are still super professional.

Falling on your butt every two seconds takes a toll on you, so be sure to stop into any of the local restaurants on the mountain for a hot glass of Gluhwein and a warm blanket to cuddle in!

St. Moritz was pretty amazing. Just getting to tuck away into such a tiny town where everyone’s main focus is which mountain to ski on all day and what glass of red wine they’ll have for dinner. It’s such a beautiful town with so much potential to see and experience more with just a quick and breathtaking train ride! The pastel town has a painted backdrop of the alps to gaze at all the way until the sun goes down. It’s romantic and quaint, and the perfect little escape for any snow lover!

Have you been to the snow? Where did you go!



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  • Lisa

    I was in St Moritz two years ago and it was absolutely amazing. unfortunately we did not go on the Berina express. But I remember having a great time there, the weather was awesome and the skiing was magical. Do you have some other place that you can recommend me going to? Love you Eva! I hope you’ll have a great new year.
    Greetings from Sweden!

  • MOMO

    Your pictures are so beautifully taken (and then I haven’t even begun about you guys being beautiful humanbeings) I hope to be as good as you are one day! You are admirable. Right now I’ve an camera which I bought from all my savings with a 50mm 1.8 lens. But I love that lens so much. It isn’t the most ideal lens because of it’s on my crop camera and you have to stand back a little from the subject so you can’t really use it in right spaces. But it’s wonderful really and I can do so much with it when using a little bit of creativity. Maybe you know it too from earlier days? Anyways. This post was supernice to read. And it must be so cool to find a guy who’s as fond of travelling and photography as you are! You are one lucky couple. Have a lovely day Eva!



  • Konstantina Flr

    Hey again! I commented some minutes ago on your “girls in Mykonos”. Let me just say that you are AMAZING! You make me wanna travel to places I’ve never been before (although I can’t cause I’m only 12, hihi) I love this photos!! They are so beautifully taken! Also you and Adam are soo cute together! Continue all this good job and continue inspiring people from all around the world! LOVE YAAA!!!!

    P.S. If you see this say sth!

  • Cris

    I swear you are so bright, in the sense that you light up everywhere you go, yo have a really cool and positive energy, I love it!
    Reading blogs like yours is what made me want to start one, want to check it out?:

  • Cris

    If you are reading this and are currently studying away from home or are planning on doing so you should check out it’s full of tips on to how to make the most of it xxx

  • Maya

    I HAVE to skate on that lake, wow it’s beautiful. Sadly I won’t have an Adam to catch me when I fall. Maybe someday though. Anyways I wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me. The fact that you started from nothing and have built yourself a life around what you love to do: travel. That is my dream. You also pushed me to start my own website/blog/portfolio type thing, I’m not sure what to call it (It’s: if you want to check it out). I have always been scared to put my work out there because I’m afraid it’s not good enough, or people won’t like it, but you made me realize it doesn’t matter. I’m going to continue to be me without worrying about approval from others. Anyways thanks Eva for being such a positive influence on my life. Love you xx

    • I am checking out your website. Eva inspired me too! I know have a website called
      Purple Rose???

  • Lynn

    I am so amazed by these pictures. They’re taken so beautifully, I really admire your photography skills! I was wondering what kind of lens(es) you used for these pictures. I hope you can help me out.

    Love and kisses,


  • Sounds like a great ?!!!
    I haven’t been to the snow yet but I am going this year.
    You are such an idol…
    Purple Rose???

  • Aniyah Johnson

    hi Eva, i started to watch your videos a long time ago and still to this day your so amazing and inspiring. You’ve made me wanted to enjoy more in life, you inspired me to travel when i get older. our very talented, smart and creative you entertain me make me laugh and smile, I want to get your book to learn more about you. take unique photos…..YOUR THE BEST<3



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