Santorini; probably the most romantic place I’ve ever been to. I’m so lucky I got to be single AF in Santorini with one of my best friends! Seriously though, I absolutely loved this place. Why? Even though it was a definite “on the map” tourist destination, I felt like I was left on my own to wander freely. Santorini wasn’t empty, however it wasn’t ever crowded. The biggest crowd Oia ever got was a group of about 30 people in the best mood ever, quietly enjoying a gorgeous sunset. Other days, I was left on my own, free to literally do anything I wished in Santorini, which of course included grabbing Alaine and barefoot parkouring it on people’s roofs, as we wildly searched for the perfect photo spot.

Girls Featured: Eva Gutowski (Mylifeaseva) and Alaine Limjoco (TheFashionBum)

Me pretending to be @Captainpotter

Feel free to hang your feet off of anything and everything in Santorini.

Me pretending to be Gypsylust

Santorini consisted a lot of being barefoot, wearing white, and climbing Jungle Book style all over the architecture. It was a sense of freedom for sure. This idea of being fearless, yet also feeling safe. I jumped off of a boat for the first time in Santorini. I hung my toes over cliffs of homes white I shot photos. I even jumped off a cliff on my own, without any help of boys! That was pretty freeing. Santorini helped me find a sense of strong womanhood for sure.

Woah Eva, don’t fall!

If you get a chance to stay in Santorini, I recommend staying in Fira instead of the popular Oia. Oia is only a hop skip and jump away in a car (about a 20 minute drive), and you will thank yourself later, because taking your time to soak in the drive at sunset is a must. Most people don’t know this, but Fira is actually a way more unique and gorgeous view than Oia in my opinion. Fira is cut alongside the massive caldera. Think hardcore Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants vibes. Theres the most insane cobblestone walkway all along the caldera that you can walk on at all hours of the day and feel like you’ve transformed into a literal poet or highly intellectual person. Im telling you, this cobblestone walkway could make you figure out any life problem you need to solve. It’s simply cleansing. If you’re tired of hiking up the caldera, take a break in a cafe that sits literally on the cliffs of the caldera. (Note: These places are super overpriced of course since they know you’re tired, hungry, and awestruck by their view, so just be prepared to pay a lot for a latte.)

Fira is peaceful. It’s quiet. It’s serene. I would take my mornings to sunbathe alongside the caldera cliff face on the edge of the pool. When in Santorini, you must get a pool meets sky photo.

The Aegean sea is simply magical. I’m a surfer, and I’ve generally gotten used to sitting in open ocean water, not knowing whats below me. But never in my LIFE had I been brave enough to jump off the side of a boat in the ocean. I mean, how DEEP is that water? What if there are sharks following the boat! I’ve just never been about the whole “I’m a young and free teenager jumping off the boat” thing. Until I took a boat in Santorini for my birthday (yes, I was here for my birthday!), and the captain of the boat anchored in this bay. He looked at Alaine and I and gave us the “well… aren’t you guys jumping off?” look. Alaine and I meandered around the boat and threw off excuses like we didn’t want to ruin our birthday glo ups, until finally, I was like “we need to do this Alaine… for the drone shot”. She agreed. Within minutes, we were soaking wet and diving into the Aegean sea for the first time.

I was scared. I don’t know why I was so damn scared after the fact. The Aegean sea is tame. It’s loving. You can just feel it when you’re in the water, nothing here wants to hurt you. As soon as I jumped off the boat each time, I panicked and swam back to the boat as fast as possible. If i could do it again, I definitely would have dived deep and said hello to the very cordial fish that hung around us. Im sure they were lovely.

Intense Security

If you’re a good explorer, you will find this little home at the end of a pathway in Oia. It all looks fun and games, until you notice their security system and camera. They aren’t messing around. Take your pictures and peace out respectively! On the other hand, feel free to climb all around their neighbors roofs (but you didn’t hear that from me).


Funny story about this photo. On the way to our boat ride, apparently we were running just five minutes too early. So our driver gets extremely excited and overjoyed. He turns his back to us, while on the road, and in the most wholehearted attempt at english just says to us “we have FIVE EXTRA MINUTES! This is VERY SPECIAL! I have the BEST VIEW OF GREECE I WILL SHOW YOU NOW! its going to be a SUPER PHOTOOOOO”. We trust him. We really wanted to get onto the boat, but sure, were down for a super photo.

We arrive at the spot, which takes around 10 minutes to get to. He looks at us, his smile wide “we only have a few minutes, but this is a lookout, the BEST view of Santorini. We only have time for JUST ONE SUUUUUPER PHOTOOOOO!”. We get out of the car and walk up to the view point, which was I guess not as epic as we were hyped up for. Alaine and I laughed. This guy was so stoked on us getting to take a “super photo” in this spot he loved so much. We looked back to the car and our eyes both focused on our driver who was watching us proudly (still smiling). So what did we do? We had a super photo shoot. I stood on the barrier and Alaine and I took a “super photo”. We got back to the car, and showed the very happy driver our shots. He was in heaven. We had to make him happy, and this photo- I mean super photo, now has so much meaning behind it- even if the view wasn’t that cool.

Whole Latte Love

Be sure to get an iced latte when in Santorini. Something about the way Greek lattes are made tastes so good. This was an adorable little coffee spot that you can easily find when wandering through Oia. When sitting at this coffee shop, you’ll probably even see some donkeys carrying luggage up the stairs to hotels! 

On the second to last day of Santorini, we chased the sunset in Oia. We were on such a roll and were just going to make it- that is- until a slow driving family had us backed up behind them going 20 mph on a 45 mph road for miles. When we finally arrived behind them in Oia, we had both missed the sunset. I was really really bummed, but as I walked back to the car, I found this adorable pair of labs that the owner of a restaurant owned. He let me play with them, and suddenly I found myself 30 minutes later rolling around on the floor with these two pups. I guess everything happens for a reason! Santorini was beautiful, magical, and everything i’d expected and more. Nothing compares to the serenity that this place gives off. I would 100%  return someday, and you should check it out too! Have you been to Santorini? Let me know!

XOXO, Eva!



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