If you would have asked me any year of my life what my dream destination would be, I would have told you Greece. I was obsessed with Greece, particularly Mykonos. I mean come on, we’ve all seen that same photo of that one cobblestone street lined with blue windows, and I knew I had to see it for myself.  I dreamt of one day getting to that street, until July of this year, when I finally got to see Greece for myself… and of course, the street. But we’ll get to that later!

Girls Featured: Eva Gutowski (Mylifeaseva) and Alaine Limjoco (TheFashionBum)

First on the Greece stop was Mykonos. I knew I had a lot I wanted to get done in Greece, and figured Santorini would be the more relaxing spot of the country, so we powered onto Mykonos first. I knew little about Mykonos, but it wasn’t until I arrived (at the second tiniest airport I’ve ever been in) that I was pleasantly surprised at the culture of Mykonos. It was a PARTY spot! I had NO idea. I show up and the taxi driver is literally blasting Calvin Harris “Burning” in his headphones and head bobbing. He loaded our luggage into the back of his van and drove us through what would then be my first “tour” of Mykonos. Once we got to the hotel, I was vibing so hard. We came to Mykonos during a pretty bad wind storm and our room wasn’t ready yet, so we had to wait at the hotel pool for an hour. The hotel offered us champagne and then turned on their pool speaker system. Suddenly, this quant little boutique hotel starts blasting the most epic deep house remix ever to Claptone “No Eyes” (The Gamper and Dadoni Remix) and after a few sips of champagne, I was dancing around the hotel pool in the most intense deep house trance ever. This mood didn’t end until… well it still hasn’t ended.

Blue Doors

Yep, you guessed it. Beautiful blue and white- everywhere. Nothing else. We zipped through the city’s skinny dirt roads and took in the sights of the minimalistic yet oh so aesthetically pleasing, tiny homes. The driver told us that in Mykonos, it’s a law to have to keep your home white with select approved colors of your windows. That’s why nearly everyones home is white with splashes of gorgeous color!

Cats. Cats Everywhere.

Cats. Cats everywhere. One thing I did not mind in Mykonos and just Greece in general is their abundance of lovable street cats. I don’t know what it is, but something about gaining a street cat’s affection is the highlight of my life. Street cats can throw down. They’ve been through a lot. And for me to somehow gain the trust of not one, not two, but like FOUR street cats in Mykonos all within a few days made me feel pretty dang baller.

Pasta and Raviolli, please!

The food in Greece is absolutely ridiculous. Think the freshest veggies, cheeses and pastas you’ll ever taste! I’m a vegan now, but in Mykonos I was not. Im low-key glad I wasn’t, because I got to taste authentic greek yogurt, which my God you will crave every single hour of the day for the rest of your life once you leave Greece. Their greek yogurt tastes heavenly. When you go to Greece, don’t ever forget to try the greek yogurt!… every day!

Also, be sure to feast on all the homemade pastas and noodles. You can find a ton of authentic pasta shops that put love in every noodle right in the Mykonos town center. Caprese is also a must in Greece! And heavens, please don’t leave Greece without having fresh tzatziki!

Mykonos Town Center

The Mykonos town center is an absolute MUST. You can’t go to Mykonos without visiting the town center as much as you can. It’s the place. This is where you will get all of your epic blue and white, cobblestone street instagrams. However, don’t get caught up in the hustle of the tourism crowd! The town center is yours to wander, so don’t be afraid to get lost (because you certainly will, and it will be fun). Hike up the steep steps you see no one else climbing. Yes, it sucks and it is steep, but this is where you’ll wander off into the empty streets that are absolutely picture perfect. Literally, you will not believe this place. Theres gorgeous delicate fuchsia flower petals flowing through the breezy walkways, following your footsteps. Heck! Take your shoes off and walk barefoot! Dance in the pathways! This is your private spot for a few moments. You’ve hiked up the stairs no one else wanted to go up, enjoy it.

Stealing A Mans Scooter For A Pic

The best way, and really the only way to get around Mykonos is by scooter or quad. Don’t rent a car. Trust me, it’s scary, theres no parking, the streets are really too small for cars anyway, and the GPS is still pretty unreliable in Mykonos, so you may find yourself turning down the wrong street in the middle of the night and well, lets just say cars don’t have the same turn radius as a quad does, so have fun being stuck on a road until someone can tow you out of it backwards. Just don’t rent a car.

Quads were super fun! I had only ridden one in the desert, and was pretty scared to take a quad on a bustling street for the first time, but I did it and it all worked out! Quads make you truly feel like you’re living a college students dream. You feel really cool. The sun is on your back and the wind is in your hair, and you’re only occasionally getting your hair stuck to your chapstick. However, once the sun goes down, riding on a quad in the night gets pretty chilly. Make sure you keep some coverage in the cubby of your quad!

Oh, also, make sure you have the person you rented the quads from’s number. The first night we had the quads was all fun and games until Alaine’s quad broke in the middle of the town center, and the only way to get home was up the steepest, sketchiest 2.5 mile hill I’ve ever witnessed. I tried to ride up it to get help, and my quad broke too… on the hill, which resulted in ALL of our group hiking up a freezing cold hill in the least amount of clothes possible for 2.5 miles. Yeah, make sure your quad works.

Us probably freezing our butts off in our quad during sunset.

The music of Mykonos pulled me closer to this little place more than anything. I’m a huge fan of house music and edm music in general, but Mykonos made me fall in love with deep house so much more. The second night of Mykonos, the whole town was buzzing with the arrival of the latest DJ (David Guetta) that was coming to perform. We didn’t get tickets (I wish I did!), but ended up that night at another club (Cavo Paradiso) where we bobbed our heads to a local deep house DJ while I silently stared at the crowd knowing I could low key DJ a way more lit show.

Interestingly enough, that night as we rode our quads home to the hotel, I noticed some posters for my friends, The Chainsmokers, who were apparently coming to Mykonos to perform. I figured their performance was weeks away, until we called each other and figured out they were in Mykonos at the same time! Alaine and I ended up at their Mykonos show the next night, which was super fun…until Alaine got too lit and lost her phone on the club floor- which resulted in me taking a sad bestie home as the sun rose.

Mykonos town center is a great shopping spot. Let me tell you, there are shops GALORE here. You’ll walk one street and see the smallest, cutest little beaded jewelry boutique and smile warmly thinking “oh, how quaint this little town is”, and then you’ll turn another corner and see Victorias Secret Pink and Louis Vuitton literally embedded into an eggshell colored clay establishment with blue windshields and your mind will be so confused, but you just go with it. There’s also plenty of tasty gelato shops, shops that sell cute shoes, cheap sunglasses and more. I got a couple amazing orange sarongs that I ended up wearing nearly every day, which I felt vibed with the colors of Mykonos quite well.

Mykonos was absolutely amazing. Between the crystal clear aqua water that could compete with The Bahamas, the various shades of blue and white, and the romantic cobblestone streets of the town center that could make nearly anyone consider “finding themselves” again there, I have to rate it as one of the top trips of the year. If you ever get a chance to go to Greece, do NOT forget to stop by Mykonos for some watermelon dipped in fluffy greek yogurt by the sea, and amazing deep house music. Have you been to Mykonos? Let me know!

XOXO, Eva!

Eva Gutowski

YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski (better known as MyLifeAsEva) is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger with over 3 Million YouTube Subscribers and 5M followers across social media. Each week, Eva shares room-decorating tips, Tumblr-inspired outfits, day-in-the-life videos, and more.

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  • E.V.L.N D.X

    Oh my God Eva… Im from Greece and i really want to say a big THANK YOU for all the words you write down about Mykonos and Santorini… i feel so happy that your days here were so perfect and we are really glad to see you again in order to also explore the other destinations.. Love you so much,Kisses from Greece ♡

  • This looks amazing! The pictures are so pretty! xxx

  • Mella stowell-smith

    this looks amazing i hope to go soon lots of you tubers seem to love it!!

  • Sophia Jules♡

    your so tan and your amazing I love you so much your so inspiring

  • xpistina papadopoulou

    I am from Greece and i live there!! I am so excited that you came to GREECE

  • Jhoselyn

    i love so much, one day i will travel toGreece

  • Evi

    I am from Greece and I live there! ?? When I learned that you came to Greece I felt so happy that I was jumping all around school! ???? I think that you choosed beautiful destinations to visit! ❤

  • Konstantina Flr

    Hey Eva! I’m so happy to know that you liked our country! Mykonos and Santorini are some of the most beautiful islands of Greece! When I learnt that you came here I really wanted to travel to Mykonos and meet you but sadly I couldn’t cause I was on vacation in Hydra. Hydra is a beautiful island too. I am from Thessaloniki, the 2nd biggest city of Greece. I would be VERY happy to know that you will come in Thessaloniki too! I’ve been watching you for 2 years now and I love your videos! Continue all this good job and if you want travel to Thessaloniki! LOVE YA!!!

  • I’ve never been to Greece, but from all the pictures I’ve seen of Mykonos from various bloggers, I’d love to visit there in the future! Looks like you had a lot of fun (despite the 2.5 mile trek haha :D)

  • Alex L.

    Oh no…another place I need to add to my list to visit! I love getting to learn about these places through you, Eva!