Disappearing seems to be my specialty. I have this thing about me that is; whenever I stay in one place for too long, I go absolutely crazy. History has proven that the longest I can last in one place is around five months. It’s so odd. Every time I sign a lease on an apartment, I sign it for one year because that’s whats cheapest, but after five months, I find myself miserable. No matter how much I fall in love with a place at first sight, you can bet that after five months, I’ll be trying to escape.

So I’ve been escaping a lot lately. If you haven’t kept up with me (which don’t feel bad if you can’t; most of my closest friends can’t even), I’ve been to 4 countries and 5 states since I last posted. Because I like to consider myself an amateur photographer, I have a ton, AND I MEAN A TON, of photos to share with you! I don’t even know where to begin! I think I haven’t posted for so long simply because I’m so overwhelmed with content I want to inspire you with.

Anyways, I am spending nearly all day trying my best to organize all the photos and stories I want to share with you from my hectic past few months. For now, here is a photo of a beautiful view in Tahoe. It was the night of this epic sunset over the lake. I hadn’t ever seen a sunset like this one, and I’ll always remember it. Remember to reflect on the best moments in your life when you need to find happiness. You don’t always have to be looking forward.

Love, Eva



Eva Gutowski

YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski (better known as MyLifeAsEva) is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger with over 3 Million YouTube Subscribers and 5M followers across social media. Each week, Eva shares room-decorating tips, Tumblr-inspired outfits, day-in-the-life videos, and more.

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  • Love this. As I get older I’m getting this itching feeling to travel more with the people I love! Whether it’s a quick getaway or a big, planned trip. Can’t wait to see the rest of your photos!

    India | IndiaHillWrites.com

  • The view looks amazing and very relaxing. X

  • I can tell you are a really good writer! I write for The Gang Magazine & always struggle with constantly keeping myself inspired while writing and making time to “get inspired” by going out and doing things that keep me motivated. Love that your posts are both meaningful and insightful with a touch of what’s really going on in life. Keep it up girl! Excited to see more!

  • Amy Tijs

    Lovely post Eva! I love how you write, please post more often XOXO


  • Cute Life

    I found this sunset beautiful but in my opinion If Eva comes to Greece this summer (2016) She will never forget our sunset.Santorini has one of the world’s most famous sunsets.Also Eva has a huge amount of fans there ..I think if she decides to go she will never forget it.

  • Heiress

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I also tend to have that “disappearing” moment too. I just can’t help it.
    Heiress (myworldasyouseeit.wordpress.com)

  • lets talk about everything

    you remind me of Margo R. of paper towns!!You are living the perfect life to my opinion!!

  • Vera

    this is so beautiful! I love traveling, just like you.

  • S k
  • Oh I know that feeling!
    My old boss even said one time that I turn into a beach after three months and thats when he knows I have to get away, haha.
    It has it’s pro’s and cons of course.


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