How To Rock a Fur Jacket! #EvaTakesTahoe

Very often, seasons decide how I dress. In the Summer, all I want to be is this natural, sun kissed, grecian surf goddess. In Fall, I want to be edgy, bold, and I want my Starbucks cups to be stained with berry lip tint. In Spring… well… I don’t know who I am in Spring. But in Winter, I definitely go for this cosy snow bunny look. I love a simple yet glam makeup look, enough to make my face pop but also look natural and flushed. If you want a makeup look break down for winter, I can do one for you! 🙂

So anyways, back to the outfit. *Eghem*, moving forward.


One of the pieces I love rocking in Winter is a fur jacket. This one is a blush pink faux (because why the heck would you skin an animal for something) jacket that I got from Nordstrom at Mall of America! Now fur can be *super* intimidating. Like, I get stares all the time wearing fur. But hey, I know it looks gooooooood. Sporting the fluff doesn’t have to be scary! Here is one way that I like to wear it for winter.


I like to wear a bright color fur piece with a darker, more toned down sweater. Layering thick Winter fabrics makes for a texturized, cool girl look. Wearing a crop top under fur would take it from classy and daring, to weather confused, and lets be honest your belly will be freezing and who wants that?  I sure don’t. Nuh uh girl. I gotta keep my belly warm and toasty. Ain’t got time for a cold.

The sweater I’m wearing is from Wallflower Jeans. It’s so freaking cute. I’m actually still chilling in it right now and might sleep with it on because Tahoe isn’t exactly the Bahamas.

To make the look more casual, I paired my stylish top half with ripped blue jeans and some Timberland shoes to help me trek through the snow. BY THE WAY, those shoes are not only super stylish but SO FREAKING PRACTICAL LIKE THE SNOW CAME RIGHT OFF THEM AND MY FEET WERE SO WARM. Anyways, they’re great. I was excited about them all day.


So that is how I wore fur today! There’s so many ways to style this piece, but this is a more casual every day look. Do you guys own anything fluffy? Let me know how you would pair fur and let me know if you want to see a makeup routine!!!



Eva Gutowski

YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski (better known as MyLifeAsEva) is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger with over 3 Million YouTube Subscribers and 5M followers across social media. Each week, Eva shares room-decorating tips, Tumblr-inspired outfits, day-in-the-life videos, and more.

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  • Simona Šrámková

    Eva you´re sooo beautiful! I love your videos and also this blog! I really like how you dress in summer <3 You´re goals AF! btw I apologize for my English because I'm Czech 🙂

  • Elly

    Great post! Love the fur jacket! <3


  • Pareen

    I love your sweater underneath your fur jacket! It’s so cute! Where did you get it?

  • Lauren Engates

    How do I subscribe to this website?

  • jojo bilbo

    I love it! So adorable!! Eva you can rock anything!

  • Mary

    i would love to see a winter
    makeup routine

  • elise

    i love it!! so fasionable!!! love


    Hey love your style!
    Just a simple request tho if possible. When you do outfit pictures can you post at leat one shot from head to toe so we can see your amazing style in full???!! Please and thank you!

  • Sunny Zhao

    well u rock anything ! id like a make up routine for winter . really. Cause i really don’t know HOW TO MAKE UP… but i need to have try right?

  • alisha bertron

    Eva you look good in anything

  • alisha bertron

    were did you get your fur jacket and how much did it cost?

    • Eira Reina Muledal

      She wrote it in the post. She got it from Nordstrom. 🙂

  • Franziska Krüger

    Yeah please we want a make up routine. XOXO and big wishes from germany ♡

  • Kajsa

    God you´re one beautiful woman with hair to dieee for 🙂

    I have a recently started blog where i post short stories that I’ve written, check it out if you like to read

  • Eira Reina Muledal

    Oh I love fur jackets! Always wanted one…maybe this will be the year where I get one..;)
    Also I would love it if you gave us a winter make up routine! Especially one where you could maybe give us some tips of how to keep your skin soft but not greasy in the cold.

  • Danie8lla Alexis

    just wanted to say I love you and your channel❤

  • Gussie Nafziger

    I love this look! And a winter makeup routine would be awesome… eyebrows on FLEEK!!! xD Thanks for being so amazing and inspiring – you’re my favorite Youtuber! 🙂 <3

  • Karla

    I love your videos it warms my hart becuase i am struggling with basics like makeup clothes all stuff like that and you are really helping me so i really love your videos and i’m a starting youtuber what is your top tips for a youtuber in training?!
    Love Karla!

  • -e

    ahh you have such a great style!!loved the article!!

  • Sofia Prado Martinez

    Hi Everyone . Eva inspired me to make a Blog please help to share https://sophiephilosophie.word… check out everyday and my Instagram: sophiephilosophie1998.

  • Yinka

    I love you Eva. You are my inspiration. You are my idol. Love you forever. I would die for you. I love your style, i just love everything about you. Your quirkyness is what i wake up to everyday. Lovee all your articles. I just adore you.

  • Ari Sky

    Hi Eva! My name is Ari. I am a big fan of yours, and you severely inspire me. In fact, you inspire me so much, that I finally am going to start a YouTube channel, a bit similar to yours. To get the most views on the first video (which should be posted Tuesday or Wednesday), I started a blog that everyone can follow to get immediately notified when my videos come up.
    I’m going to post every day on the blog, and I really hope people enjoy it. Eva, it would mean the world to me if you would see it and possibly even watch my videos.
    My blog link is 🙂 My YouTube link is in the sidebar of the website 🙂

  • Kethy

    so fancy

  • You look great! I really do love your makeup. 🙂
    Unique Geek

  • frankie


  • Amaryllis

    Totally want to see your make up routine! This blog post makes me wanna own something fluffier than that white vest i have…

  • Kelsey


  • Kelsey

    Love you

  • jukahwi

    this lipstick make me crazy, so beautifull!! PLEASE, MAKEUP ROUTINE with this lipstick, I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS VIDEO! it’s a mac velvet teddy? Please answer, I dream of such a lipstick that you have, you look stunning <3

  • Definitely don’t think I could pull it off as well, but it looks awesome!

  • Jackie Love

    I wish I could look as good as you in fur anything.

  • Be_who_you_are_xx

    How can you look so good in anything?!

  • Paula

    How lovely is the jacket

  • charlene forde

    you go girl Eva continue doing your thing

  • Ksenia

    I love u eva when r u posting more youtube vids?

  • lets talk about everything

    you have such great style!! <3 (and clothes :p)

  • Serena

    this helped me so much thank you @eva

  • Sinan

    Check out my beautiful blog –

  • Jenny Flower Adored Art

    Duh duh

  • S k

    loveee this fur coat, it is so cute

    check out my new blog,


  • Marie Laure K.

    Hello Eva, First of all I think that this post is great especially because the winter is almost here and i needed some inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  • Osia

    You are beautiful! What are you doing photo? Do you have Polish roots?


  • Rajvini Rout

    can u pls do more summer diys i am completely in love with them also because my summer vacations coming up


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