Fall Back To School Outfits! : Boho Casual

There’s something about school style that is so exciting, yet so scary. It’s hard to achieve that perfect balance between looking super stylish, yet super effortless! There are a lot of different ways to execute your personal style for school, but one of my go to ways is by going boho.

Boho is comfortable. It’s “flowy”, breezy and cool. The thing I love about boho looks is that you can basically take any outfit and turn it into something more bohemian. This really cute outfit I put together is a great example!


I’m wearing a loose lilac tee with some white high waisted lace shorts. To make it more stylish, I wore an old rust color felt hat and piled on jewelry that had a boho feel to it, like chunky coin necklaces and pendants.

I layered on a jean jacket to toughen up the look and give it a “cool girl” vibe. I love how the jean jacket is a fashion staple, but also keeps my breezy outfit underneath covered up in the perfect amount. Playing with texture is so much fun, and I’m loving how the dainty, scalloped lace shorts look against the denim.

MR_V7138      MR_V7128


For shoes, I wore faded brown boots with a thick buckle, to match my hats suede and wool fabric.


MR_V7126    MR_V7119

Overall, I think this outfit embodies a super cool way to take a simple look and make it a bit more stylish for a school day! What is your go to look for school? Let me know in the comments below!




Eva Gutowski

YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski (better known as MyLifeAsEva) is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger with over 3 Million YouTube Subscribers and 5M followers across social media. Each week, Eva shares room-decorating tips, Tumblr-inspired outfits, day-in-the-life videos, and more.

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  • Ayo[PB]

    love this #autumngoals

  • Lisa Eder

    You look AMAZING! Love the outfit!


  • This is such a cute outfit! I love it!


  • Kerryn Kelly

    SO CUTE! i love it!!! <3<3<3

  • Lydia Gm


  • you look so cute in that outfit, love the boots

  • justin is life

    love this, you look STUNNING!! my go to outfit for school is some hig waisted jeans and a crop top!

  • charlene forde

    love this outfit so uch that i would like to have it Eva

  • Natasha Wilson
  • stephanie

    love it eva

  • grace u

    i love the look! i’m homeschooled so i usually just go for the pajama look;) but i think its so cool how you used stuff from your closet but made them a little more out there by paring it with things you don’t usually wear together, i don’t think an averege person wouldn’t wear an outfit like this on a regular day at school. but i think it would they would for a dance or a special day at school! so i really like this and i kinda want to try it sometime :))) <3

  • Richa

    i love the outfit!! I wish you would post more on the blog

  • flirtingwithfashion

    I love boho outfits! and you look always so gorgeous.

    I think you can really dress up for school without looking overdressed and way over the top.

    Wish we wouldn’t have a dresscode over here. 😀

    Best wishes,

    Rebekah Wing from

    Flirting with Fashion Blog

  • I love your outfits! And that hat is perfect for fall!


  • jaden

    u r totally right thay is the perfect outfit for fall

  • Melanie

    Where do u get ur outfits i need stylish and comfortable cloths for school

  • Lilly

    You look amazing eva as always ??

  • Lilly

    And I have school uniform because I live in Australia ?
    You are beautiful ?

    • June Jamieson

      Haha, me too ??

  • Lilly

    Who thinks eva should do an apartment tour video of her new apartment!?

    • Hannah Barnes

      I do!

      • SoCC28

        I do!!!!!


      ya good idea

    • Arisha salgado

      I think she should

    • Alyssa Bumphus

      Didn’t she already do one? For her apartment?

  • cora mackey

    do an apartment tour video!!!

  • Isabella.O

    soooo cute

  • Candy


  • Candy

    OMG I totally love your style sense

  • Simi cheema

    this is not dress code friendly

  • Alyssa

    I have really got to try that boho style sometime!!! It looks really great on you!!!

  • Even though I no longer go to school, I love this boho style. PErfect for a lot of occasion! Xoxo, Regina ** http://www.alanaandkyra.com/

  • katycat + evanator

    you are perfect

  • 21Jasmin Virkus

    i love ur style

  • Lera

    Ты самый прекрасный видеоблогер и просто блогер!Иногда ко мне приходит дипрессия, что моя жизнь не интересная, но когда я смотрю твои видео мне сразу становится лучше))You very very cool and favorite))

  • felicia

    i wear a uniform to school but yes, i would love to wear this outfit! i love your style

  • Sophia Cahill

    i love you!!! <3

  • Sarah


  • doing fall videos on my blog at http://lilyannapan.wordpress.com/

  • Hannah Barnes

    EVA PLEASE REPLY: Where did you get your watch? And what is its name? 🙂

  • Mylove Brinson


  • sweetie

    you look so awesome but I think it wouldn’t look good on me because im not so skinny and stuff as you are you are just so perfect

  • Lauren

    I love your channel, your fashion and your blog! You’re such a good role model. if you also need any cute clothes for the fall check out my online store expensiveflavor.storenvy.com I love you eva!!!!

  • Destiny


  • Destiny

    Eva cool pics and back to school outfits???????? I love your vids Eva???????????????? Just being funny????☺?? Nice music video Just showing some love for my favorite Youtuber?

  • Clem

    Yeah, the watch is stunning. I like your style, I hope you will find yourself between the “teen Eva” and the “adult Eva”. But I think you are a good person, keep being what you are, even if you’re not sure of who you are. Don’t forget, you’re such a model for many teen girls !
    Have nice time,
    Xx, Clem ♥

  • intisaar

    love outfit

  • intisaar

    want ur gmail name eva

  • Salla Näivä

    You’re so beautiful<3

  • Dilara Esra

    Hi Eva 🙂 I’m Dilara from Turkey. I just want to say i’m fan of you i love you so much you’re the prettiest girl i’ve ever seen 🙂 And i hope Jeremy wants you back in How To Survive High School 😀

  • Heaven

    Omg your my insperation and role model you are so beautiful and pretty ?? i wish i could me you

    • Queen B

      omg i love your hair

    • Heaven culver

      Haha my name is Heaven ?

  • fra

    what camera do you use to shot?

  • qaiti

    hi eva

  • qaiti

    what are you doing

  • Jonaya Mosley

    i thinks she should do an apartment tour video to

  • rosemary

    I totally think she should do that



  • brook

    I think the same thing. 😉

  • Nicolette

    what are those tanks she always wears called??

  • Jazzy

    Hi Eva.I am one of your subscribers and I have to say I love your channel.

  • Andi Capp

    she is soooo freaking pretty I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! <3

  • _$mahlayzz14$

    I’m always kind of laid back with what I wear but I really like vintage clothing and I LOooOOvvve b-melville

  • Ani


    My name is Ani (not pronounced annie) I am a HUGE fan!!!!
    I would love if you did a ‘calling my fans’ video 😮
    I am weird too 😀
    -Gasp- We could be twinsssss 😮
    Except i’m four years younger than you….
    Forget about that..
    -trips over while writing this- ….

  • Aya Louaye

    love it but dress code

  • Angel

    I can’t believe I am writing to you.I <3 U Eva. You are my biggest youtube inspiration. I like… no scratch that… I LOOOOOOOOOOVE your style and you're so pretty. I would love to meet you… except I live in Australia 🙁 But anyways, <3 U

  • Sarah

    girl work it

  • Riley

    I love you Eva!!!!!

  • Mia Sher

    Oh my God I love your blog and you. Your the reason i started my blog https://headfullofcurls.wordpress.com/ please check it out

  • Clem

    Dear Eva,

    A year ago, I had a period when I was fan of you. I was literally watching videos and checking your instagram like twenty-times-a-week. I wasn’t that happy, because I saw your life like the coolest ever, you know, we only see glitter. And I found my life sucks.

    Then, I grew up, and trying to find myself. I forgot you. I more thought about me. Yes, I concentrated about my own life, and it wasn’t that bad. Life isn’t easy, especially social relations, and school is where I focused a huge part of my attention.

    Recently, I felt the need (I found “assess the situation” on Google traduction, is that okay ? I’m French, pardon. All these conjugation mistakes, excuse-me !) to take a pause, and make some simple lists. I wanted to know what makes me happy, what doesn’t, and what were my certainties.

    I actually do the first list. I try to live each moment like it was the last, I’m looking for what I enjoy to do, who I enjoy to spend time with…

    And guess what ? You’re on the list.

    Your videos doesn’t make me feel happier, oh no, they don’t. But your blog. You don’t have any idea how much I like to take 5 minutes, drink some tea, and just read one’s of your posts ! You’re a great person, Eva. Uou desrve a bunch of happiness & love ! You’re really inspirational to me. And after a entire day of hardworking, I like to see beautiful storys, outfits, pics, and pretty you 😉 Oh, by the way, the photographies are really pretty. You always look happy on these.

    So I guess I should more hangout and see, and read, and listen to… happy people ?

    Maybe it’s what really makes me feel happy ?

    I think happiness is contagious. And that, goes on my certainties list.

    I’m on the way to build my own life philosophy.

    Sincerely yours, Clem.

    • Sunny Zhao

      well. Guessing I should learn from u 😉

      • Clem

        Wow. Thank you 🙂 i changed a lot since that msg

    • Kayla

      im taking french and i think your english is way better than what i learned in my five years of taking french classes.

      • Clem

        I’m glad you’ve taken French! You know, school won’t give you that. I learned on YouTube, listeninh to American youtubers. They are many french youtubeurs! Search for Cyprien, Norman fait des vidéos, Le rire Jaune…

        • Kayla

          Thanks I’ll try it

        • Kayla

          Also am I supposed to have closed captioning on in English French or do I just turn them off

  • Nicky Sideris

    OMG EVA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE AMAZING AT WHAT YOU DO! You are also beautiful and don’t let people tell you diffrent

  • dayangku puteri

    when is eva’s birthday

  • Rosalinia

    Your totally like Coco Chanel!!! (P.S. I’m 10 so……)

  • Rosalinia

    Your always so happy!!!!!

  • shamia

    this is cool eva u are my role model u are a big help with life and most important fashion

  • shamia

    where do u get all of your clothes eva

  • Olivia

    Eva, you are an inspiration to me and I couldn’t make it to a girls night in show but I hope to meet you soon, BTW: where did you get that really cute top?

  • Thug life like what

    My go to look happens to be a pair of skinny jeans and a basic graphic tee

  • Chante Bain


  • Lovely outfit for fall and school!

    – Marie x


  • monique ortiz

    huge fan eva

  • isabella _love

    so late on this vid

  • Sofia Prado Martinez

    Hi everyone I’m starting my Blog please follow me, help to share maybe I’m not a Youtuber but something like that: https://sophiephilosophie.wordpress.com check out everyday and my Instagram: sophiephilosophie1998.

    • Alexandra

      i love your blog! so good, inspires me to maybe start a blog

      • Sofia Prado Martinez

        Ohhhh that’s so sweet ☺️. It’s a pleasure to hear that, if you have some suggestions tell me, I really appreciate you to keep following me and if you like even more: share. Thank you so much and keep going with the idea of a Blog never think that you can’t do something.

  • Alexandra

    I love your blog! I love how you can post videos and have a blog because we get to see some things on YouTube that we don’t see on the blog and then we can see some things on this blog that we don’t see on YouTube.

  • Hannah Macdonald

    dear eva:
    i am the hugest fan of you. I watch your videos every week and i think ive seen all your videos atleast 3 times. you are my idol. please answer back

  • Gracie Belle

    I’m in seventh grade and my sister and i love fashion and pairing layers and such. But my whole grade wears nike and Addidias. Do I keep being different and follow my style and look way out of the box?

    • Johanna Marin

      Being different isn’t that bad honey. Be yourself.

  • Jackie Love

    I love the way you pose and look like you’re a professional model. I’m totally jealous of you’re clothes. I wish I could rock a crop top, shorts, and a jean jacket the way you do.

  • Serena Miranda

    ur soo bootyful

  • Sonia Johnson

    Love the outfit!

  • Olivia

    Hi Eva, I love your fashion style. I feel inspired and look up to you as a role model.
    XX, Liv.

  • Kaya

    Thankyou Eva for all the idea hopefully I can try some of them when summer starts. I’ve been into the boho look lately because there something about it taht calls SUMMER. So I will try
    Some if them out thx. ??

  • Kailah Kneeland

    loved this outfit so much! I’m really into hats right now and am wondering where you got you? I also like the jean jacket a tone. I would really like some tips on where to look for clothes like you wore in this outfit! 😉

  • souleater1010

    l just love that hat and jacket

  • Elizabeth

    Hi! I love this outfit so much! Add me on snapchat at ellie8990 if you can! Luv u!

  • Lilly

    I need help I’m new with this period stuff Eva and I Live with my dad he has no idea what to do I keep on bleeding though my clothes help plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Moira

    Eva, you are my inspiration, my role model, and I love you. I think it is so cool how you practically created the female section of, youtube. Thankyou for making life so amazing! You are soooooo cool!!!