Taco Stops and Hot Surfer Boys

When you see a taco stand on the side of the road, you stop. Still, all the way in Hawaii, I still managed to find myself enjoying chain food establishments. Wahoo’s is in no way a local gem. Regardless, Alaine and I pulled over and ordered plates of fish and chicken tacos with sides of rice and beans. We looked for a place to eat these kind of delicious, kind of cold, pre made tacos, and settled upon a dusty and sandy car parking bumper overlooking the ocean. Through the trees, as we devoured our meals, we watched a few surfers get ready to dive into the ocean. They stretched and zipped up their wetsuits, and Alaine and I stared at their butts. Here’s what I wore and ordered;




Alaine snapped photos of me as I awkwardly ordered my tacos, while a line of locals glared at us from behind. This is me nervously telling her to stop.




This is us having an impromptu photoshoot in front of the taco truck, while the lady inside was preoccupied with other people’s orders.

8B0A2251        8B0A2196   8B0A2189

Im wearing a super cute and super affordable floral tie halter top from Forever 21 and a white American Apparel school skirt, along with my new favorite shoes; my low top converse.


8B0A2125  8B0A2123


Ooh, swag.


What’s your favorite type of food? Let me know in the comments!!


Eva Gutowski

YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski (better known as MyLifeAsEva) is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger with over 3 Million YouTube Subscribers and 5M followers across social media. Each week, Eva shares room-decorating tips, Tumblr-inspired outfits, day-in-the-life videos, and more.

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  • Amélie Chouinard

    Mexican and thaï?

  • I love eating all that junk food but lately I’ve been trying to find the “delicious” in “healty food”. It’s hard, very hard when you have TACOS, PIZZA, LASAGNA, CHOCOLATE , oh wel …
    By the way, I do the same thing to surfers , ya know 😉


  • Emma

    Eva, I absolutely adore you! Your passion for your videos, your work, and for your Evanators is nothing short of incredible. You’ve always been a role model to me, and I am a bigger fan now than ever. You are beautiful. You are kind. You are amazing, and never let anyone tell you differently. That’s why I’m beyond proud to call myself an Evanator! You’re a wonderful person, and please continue to do what you love.

    My favorite foods are Thai food and mango, and I actually live in Hawaii! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet you 🙁

  • Eva i love you and your videos <3 my fave food are french fries but lately i've been trying to eat healthy and i loove chicken salad <3<3

  • pizzzaaaaaaaaaaa, but i’m trying 2 eat healthy…so pizza can’t really be my fave food for 2 long…

    • Ava

      Drink lots of water

  • Ava

    Love love

  • Ruby

    I love Eva and she is a grate person and she has lifted my confidice and I look up to her I want to be like her when I grow up and she is so beautiful and amazing an wonderful and i love love her and that comes from the heart I love you soooo much it would mean the world to me if you noticed me it really would it would melt my heart if you did so I just wanted to say that and put it out there love you forever Eva ??????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????????????????????☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️????????????????????????????????????????????? LOVE YOU?❤️❤️

  • Ruby

    My fave food is pasta

  • charlene forde

    Eva is so loving i just love this girl she has inspired me in many ways

  • Chelsea Anne Montefalcon

    Eva please make a tutorial on how you edit your photos they are GOLDEN.

  • fashionbyhayley

    PIZZA!! who doesnt love pizza?!?!

  • Natalie

    I love you so much! you’re not like most other youtubers who make videos that are fake. you’re life is not perfect, but you just live it! you are so inspirational.

  • juicy fruit

    that outfit is cute

  • yaay

  • I am meeeeeeee

  • Anonymous Girl

    yay!!! I LOVE THIS BLOG!! My favourite food is pizza

  • Dominyka Petravičiūtė

    Fabulous vlog ♥ Ice Cream ☻

  • Nikxy.H

    my favourite type of food is burgers

  • Aaliyah Morrison

    my fav food is watermela

  • Dreamer

    Love this outfit *-*


  • 21Jasmin Virkus

    so awesome

  • Claire Parrott

    Omg Eva is so pretty and her clothes are fab

  • Claire Parrott


  • vanessa fox

    omg luv u gurl. Just like i love shoes

  • Esther Kalisz

    For a channel called MyLifeAsEva, you sure do have a cool life.
    LOVED your series How To Survive High School and just your YouTube channel in general!
    And cool pictures! Just discovered this blog, I am so excited to follow it!

  • felicia

    OoOoOH swag

  • Sarah

    your in hawaii, your lucky

  • Erica

    I really like Mexican & Chinese food.

  • Ross Lova

    OMG!!! ur sooo pretty!

  • justice

    You have a good sense of humor I LOVE YOU Eva! will you make a video on the next tour you go on

  • justice

    Will you send me one of those yummy doughnuts please

  • justice

    Oh my gosh I just have to go to LA

  • justice

    Cheese pizza yummy in my tummy

  • christa

    I love Chinese food!



  • Dolls1818


  • Lizbeth37


  • Tycarni

    love choc i tried it with tacos and well short answer DONT.

  • Tycarni

    am trying to se ur back to school fashon (cant spell) and it wont let me ? so plz make a vid insed thanks

  • m stangl


  • Michelle Zhou

    Hehe, glad you find Hawaii boys’ butts attractive (personally, being from Oahu, I have gotten to see my share of their..you know) 🙂

  • liv

    my favorite food is chipotle! i lllllooooooovvvvvvveeeee chipotle! 😉

    • Juju

      OMG me to!;)

  • Mackenzie Fisher

    Mine is ilatian food any type

  • Maci

    Hey Eva LOVE your videos

  • Maci

    Also can u make a realistic night routine please

  • Maria Doubov

    cute winter outfits? cool DIYs?

  • Maci

    Does alisha have a webpage

  • akdiys

    I love Panda Express

  • Jazmyn Garbarini

    Tortas, carne asada of course

  • Jackie Love

    Ribs and Fajitas

  • Shreya Das

    Chips and pizzas

  • vir

    you are so cute!

  • Gabby Flotta

    My favorite food is SUSHI, now and forever

  • Layan Atieh

    Starbucks all the way ??

  • Layan Atieh

    Starbucks….. All the wayyyyy☕️

  • Shaniya Newton

    Ooh it’s so hard, i love food!
    ummm… stir-fry! i soo yummy


  • Decided to not wear sweatpants for a day
  • Going hard on redecorating my filming and office space today!hellip
  • Something about getting to fly through the clouds  Sohellip
  • I am just a ray of SUNSHINE