Going On Tour?!? #GirlsNightIn

A couple months ago, I was asked if I finally wanted to plan something big to meet my viewers. I had always been so scared of a meet up- mainly because of the most embarrassing story that both Alisha and I share together, that we vowed we would take to our graves together. It’s pretty funny. When we first started getting bigger on YouTube and had a couple hundred thousand subscribers, we planned a meet up. We were so excited and made goodie bags for our viewers who showed up. We showed up to the location, waited three hours and lets just say… two people showed came. Not kidding. Two people. Ever since then, we’ve been pretty freaked out about ever hosting an event or meet up again.

Flashforward to a little over a year later (woah, how time flies!), I’m asked “who I would want to go on tour with?”. I of course said I couldn’t do this alone, and thus, ‘Girls Night In’ was born.

I’m so excited to go on tour with some of my best YouTube girlfriends. We’re all pretty much freaking out over everything i.e. what to wear, what were going to do on long car rides…how were going to poop on the tour bus (we have just found out that you actually cannot poop on tour busses, #wut?).

We all spent a lot of time to plan a show for you guys that is interactive, hilarious and personalized. We didn’t want it to just be a thing where we would go to different cities and only get to see our viewers for a few seconds. Thats no fun! We want you guys to hang out with us and get something from us that you’ve never seen before!

I want to tell you so bad what’s in the show, but it’s a big secret! I hope I get to see you all there in the audience and even before at the meet up!! If you want to come with me on this crazy ride (legit ride) around America, Ill include the link below to get tickets! Hopefully, more than two people will show up this time and Alisha and I won’t cry ourselves to sleep anymore (LOL).




Get your tickets now: http://bit.ly/GNIEvaG

Eva Gutowski

YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski (better known as MyLifeAsEva) is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger with over 3 Million YouTube Subscribers and 5M followers across social media. Each week, Eva shares room-decorating tips, Tumblr-inspired outfits, day-in-the-life videos, and more.

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  • Pareen

    I wish I could go but the Chicago tickets for the M&G are sold out! 🙁 Will miss you guys!


    • Isabella.O

      Can you come to Australia

  • kenzie soto

    you need to come to slc utah!

  • Emily M

    Awe! Just read a comment that Chicago is sold out! I love you and Alisha, so I GUESS it is okay I can’t meet you. 🙁 But I really wish I could have! Love y’all!

  • Kerryn Kelly

    i wanted to go to the los angeles or the anahiem one really super bad, but there are on school days so i cant be out that late:( I went to beautycon LA and I was at the front of the line for Alisha’s and Mia’s meetup, AND THEN THEY HAD TO LEAVE!:( While they were still walking away, I got so close to Mia she was about to take a selfie with me, (I TOUCHED HER ARM) and then her bodyguard pulled her away:(((((( all though, i did get to meet Alex and Ashley and a lot of other youtubers:)))

  • Macy

    When all you want is to meet your favourite people and you live in Australia. CRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amaya

    can you come to new jersey

  • Josie

    Um is this going to be on school days?

  • Gigi

    Are you coming to Spain? It would be really enchanted to meet you and ask you some questiones as I’m planning to start with a YouTube channel few years later (i am 14 and i want to have the best advices before do it) Lots of kisses.

  • Miranda Marquez Boidi

    hey eva im 6 and i love yor vidos and i wantd to asck yu if yu ar coming to miami ?

  • Alyssa

    OMGOSH!!! Are you going to visit Hawaii??? If so, please respond to this!!! If you’re not…
    PLEASE STILL RESPOND!!! I’d love to see you in person.

    xoxo just a random fan!!!

  • halle hoglin

    awwe your not coming to Alaska. I LOVE YOU EVA!!!!! i wish i could meet you!

  • emma

    can you come to wenachee

  • Taylor Louise

    Can you please come to Sydney

  • Emma Harmon

    I’m so excited about this! all of my fav youtubers all on one tour!!

  • Trinity

    R u coming to Australia at all? Plz Plz Plzs do a collab with rclbeauty101

  • Dhelaney Wortham

    Hey eva….i think you should really come to covington Georgia or conyers…..or dekalb on of the three they are closer to me and i would not be able to make any trips because my mom is currently working in New York……yeah sad… but i mght be able to go if you just come my way…..ily btw

  • Im in Florida! See you guys soon at TOURURRRRR!

  • Denise

    Hi eva i hope ill be there but i have classes?

    • Queen B

      is that a lizzie mcguire shirt

  • Jade

    Hi Eva I live in Mississippi to bad u aren’t come I’m 11 about to be 12 on 10/21 but I luv u and u are my idol I want to send u something but I don’t have your address but any way luv u

  • Belén

    It’s a pretty good idea, but it’d be better if you will come to Valencia, Spain. xox.

  • Kaya Dunne

    I didn’t see the Georgia won

  • Georgina

    Ohh so good♥ I can’t come though!!! Different continent ;() But, wasn’t sierra marie in the tour?

    • Jess

      Yeah i thought that to

  • Bri 1525

    Eva you are so amazing and I love you


  • the New York noms
  • Oh hey
  • WE DONT DESERVE DOGS  heyhanalei is a blessing
  • Its pretty flat out here