My Beautycon 2015 Outfit!


All this week has been a consistent flurry of female youtubers trying to find the perfect outfit for Beautycon. Im talking mass group texts, in-dressing room snapchats and even phone calls!

The other day, after finishing up scripts for a special secret thing Im doing for you guys (hehe), my scriptwriter Annie recommended that I checked out the Planet Blue store next to me. I freaked out– no seriously, I freaked out because I’d been dreaming of checking out the store for almost a year now, but never had the time. And here I found myself within walking distance of this magical store, and hours of time to kill.

So I walked into Planet Blue. The store is basically a hub for all those popular brands you see on instagram, like For Love and Lemons and Wildfox. I tried on around 10 things, which is unspeakable for me since I usually know by looking if a dress can fit a size 0000. Thats size “there are no visible curves on this one”, for those who are confused. But nonetheless I tried on dresses after dresses and finally stumbled upon this adorable For Love and Lemons collection, which consists of everything from gorgeous crop tops and bras, to short dresses and long gowns- all in this amazing nude mesh lace.

I bought the crop top version of this in two colors, yellow and black.

For my dress, I first was going to go with a long one, which some of you may have seen if you follow me on the snapchat! (@evadancer94). It was gorgeous, but many people were saying it was way too fancy for the occasion. I agreed reluctantly. IT WAS SOOOOO CUTE!

Finally I settled on the short version of the dress, and I am SO happy that I did. This dress makes me feel like a movie star, or Queen Bey. I’ve always wanted to pull off one of those nude mesh dresses, and today seemed like the perfect day.

I paired this look with loose curls made from one of those bubble wands and some nude kitten heels, so I looked cute but still comfortable!

And that was my look for Beautycon! If you see me, be sure to say WHATS UP!! Because I came all the way to LA to meet YOU! Don’t be shy








I went totally fancier than I ever would with this outfit. What would you wear to a youtube event? Let me know down below!



Eva Gutowski

YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski (better known as MyLifeAsEva) is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger with over 3 Million YouTube Subscribers and 5M followers across social media. Each week, Eva shares room-decorating tips, Tumblr-inspired outfits, day-in-the-life videos, and more.

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  • What a cute dress ♥♥

  • sidneyolivia

    Oh my gosh I was watching your realistic morning routine video and decided to check your blog out. IT’S AMAZING! awesome job Eva!! luv you <3

  • julia

    eva you are such an inspiration to me and i watch all of your videos along with alot of other youtuber… i love your videos so much and they are so well put together and edited… i justwant to tell you thank you and that i love you so so so so so so so much!!!<3

  • aya

    you look amazing like always i love you’re style you’re the best!!

    BTW I start school early this year and to get in the mood for BTS I love watching your videos so can you start your BTS edition early PLS
    I start school the august 18.

  • KirbyDancerJohnson

    omg! I am so in love with your dress! It looks stunning on you!


  • JohannaYang

    You look SO GOOD in that dress Eva.ilysm

  • Dahlia

    You look really pretty in the dress ???

  • Poop


    • Angel

      You’re just saying that cause you’re jelly

  • Lilly

    To eva, you are so pretty, nice, and funny! ? you are such an inspiration to me everyday and you make me smile a lot! I always read your great blogs and watch your awesome videos. I hope you have so much fun! You are my idol! ?❤️ From Lilly ?

  • Pareen



    i love that dress were ever you got that dress you need to give me that dress because it is soo cute and it totess and summer dress to and you are totes roking that look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JasminePatten

    that dress is goals af

    • Noraradd

      it really is!

  • Fiona Gandy

    your dress and heels though <3 <3 love you Eva!

  • Ailie

    you look so pretty and i love you so much never stop youtube!!!

  • Ailie

    or bloging

    • Alice prisco

      she is amazing

  • Alice prisco

    omg I do like the dress but its the skin coloured material I don’t like

  • Kathryn

    hi eva i love the dress super cute on you and to a youtube event i wouls wear super cute shorts with a top from justice and kitty ears

    xoxo ~kathryn

  • Sophia Guitarte

    Stunning as always

  • Valencia Bybee

    it looks AMAZING!!!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Linda Nguyen Huynh

    i love you eva

  • Claire

    I’m absolutely obsessed with your blog, Eva!!

  • DIYLover24

    I love this but I couldn’t wear it because I cant do the nude looking look thing!!! Whatever!!! I like this dress but I don’t recommend wearing it out for a party or a night out with the girls!! I think this is a dress for more of a candle lit dinner with the bae!!! The dress I think, should be a lil bit longer Eva that’s a lil too much!!! This dress is like a 7 1/2 and on you it is like a 6 1/2. By the way upload here lady I look at this every day and there is always empty!!!! But I still love you!!!!

  • Amy Tijs

    It’s amazing! It looks so nice on you XOXO

  • Basant Foster Mota

    Just.. PERFECT^^

  • Vil

    You copy Sonya Esman(((

    • She didn’t copy anybody. People can own the same dress.

    • Angela Vazquez

      everybody copys celebs or models or famous ig people… it’s part of the whole fashion world

  • Ruby567loveit??

    Eva you look stunning and just gorgeous I love you soooo! Much?

  • Maud Weijers (lifedress)

    You are so pretty! As always, haha. <3 I love you so much, keep up the good work. X

  • Darya

    Your so pretty

  • emily

    im obsessed with your blog

  • gladys

    good fashion sense

  • Rebecca

    I really like the lace but the skin colored fabric isn’t me.Reminds me of a hooker dress. (no offense it’s just clothing) as for fashion idol,it may sound odd but I love love Audrey Hepburn and ANYTHING modern-victorian.weird.i know.

  • Uniqueka Reign

    i just love this look on you Eva ….. #onelookiwilltotallysteal <3 <3


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