The Perfect Casual Birthday Party Look

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Hooray! My birthday is officially a month away! I thought I would channel the birthday vibes flowing through me with this totally glitzy outfit. I think this outfit is perfect for a birthday girl who wants to be the center of attention, but also wants to be able to dance and run around all day. Dresses are fun and all, but sometimes it’s nice to switch it up! Especially if you’ll be out and about all day.

I know that when I want to stand out, I go for bold colors and sparkles. I found this perfect sequin wing back top from TopShop. It came with the option for a skirt as well, but I figured having creative control of the pants choice was much cooler! Plus the skirt was pretty pricey.

For my pop of color, I went with these hot fuchsia patent sandals from American Apparel, that went unloved in my closet for two straight years. I guess I was just never confident enough to wear them- plus, I didn’t know how to wear them! Im so glad I pulled them from the depths of my closet, because I got so many compliments on them and will definitely be wearing them more!

To make this look more casual and perfect for running around town all day, I completed the look with some simple distressed high waisted shorts and a low messy ponytail!

This look is the ultimate birthday girl look for a day of festivities. I think I’ll be wearing this out on my big day, then maybe switching into something more fancy for the night!

What do you think I should wear for my birthday? Purple, denim, nikes… a cake? Let me know!



Eva Gutowski

YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski (better known as MyLifeAsEva) is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger with over 3 Million YouTube Subscribers and 5M followers across social media. Each week, Eva shares room-decorating tips, Tumblr-inspired outfits, day-in-the-life videos, and more.

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  • This outfit is perfect! ????

  • Patricia

    U look amazing. cool outfit for birthday, but mine are in autumn ????
    *PS- I’m from Poland, sorry for mistakes ????

  • Hey Eva I loves this look it’s so cute. I just started my own blog today thanks to yours (I saw yours and really inspired me). Thank you for that

  • Floor

    WHAA I’m really excited for your birthday! Happy early birthday Eva!

  • Love the idea of not having to wear a dress for the big day. And happy early birthday!!!!!!!!! You could even throw on a pink flower crown to make it even more colourful (an idea for your birthday outfit).

  • Jinen

    heyy Eva,
    I really like this blog post and I think it’s really comfortable but still perfect for a birthday party. I also really like the way you put the outfit together and I find really summery and like ready to go kind of style.

    Besides, I’ve been tryna join you in all possible ways in social medias and I’d really like to talk to you because you’re literally my life (see what I’ve done there ?) and it would heaven if I could be able to communicate with my idol so can you please follow me on twitter @gynnaine ?

    However, I hope you’ll read this and have a nice day, ilysm. ♥

  • 1 I absolutely LOVE this look Eva! Especially the top =]

  • Everly

    I think that outfit is super cute and definitely trend! I love how you paired it with those bold neon pink sandals and that top is to die for. I think it would look even better if you wore high waisted shorts that weren’t ripped up maybe cropped high waisted shorts instead? But I love you style!

  • You should wear a big hat with a cake on it that says: birthday girl! ???????? ly Eva???? you’re amazing

    • Tom Swiontek

      why are you using question marks? like this is you, “ly Eva????”

  • i think you should wear a sparkly dress!!anyway all your clothes ar amazing <3

  • eva you are literally goals <3

  • Maren ♡

    I wish I could send you something for your Birthday
    Will there be a special video for it??? ????????

  • Maren ♡

    You should wear a lilac dress with high heeled shoes and your hair curled

  • I think it would be super cute to wear a starbucks shirt or a fresh white colored crop top with dark denim high waisted shorts and white high top converse. And for your hairyou could wear a really cute head band or hat! and some gold colored bracelets and a gold themed necklace that goes really low :OOO BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOON!! :DDD

  • I love your shoes, but I think you should go with a bright mini and a patterned crop top. I love your Vlog by the way!

  • Una Milić

    My birthday is coming soon, it’s on 26th July. I didn’t know what to wear, but something like this will be perfect.
    Thank you for everything Eva, all the love from Belgrade, Serbia
    Una x

  • ubah

    My birthday is July 2 this is perfect timing

  • Oh, the shirt is amazing! The whole outfit !! I love it 🙂 I guess that for the big day you should go for something like what you wore for the Teen Choice last year! 😉 xoxo, Regina **

  • Hi eva!! I think you soukd wear this shoes, with a pastel colored shirt and denim short! Happy birthday???? youre my inspiration! Check out my blog please? Your awasome! Ly ???? love, ????

  • Hi eva!! I think you need to wear this shoes, with a pastel colored shirt And denim shorts ???? happy birthday! Your my inspiration! Can you check out my blog please? Your awesome !! love, ????

  • amber

    Hey Eva ! you’re cool ????????????

  • Love this Eva!
    Everything ’bout this outfit is gorgeous.
    I think you should wear a bright and fun dress to express your personality.

  • infinityfreehugzz


  • Juliana

    I think you should wear this outfit. You look beautiful in it and it seems like the perfect outfit for a birthday. My birthday is coming soon also and this has inspired me.

  • sana

    its pretty cool outfit,but why not try something NEW !
    what about hight waisted paints and a cool shirt
    i don’t see u wearing shirts !
    or a jumsuit!
    anything new and different…!! <3
    different you different outfit!

  • Totally what you should wear for your birthday in the day-time.

    For the night-time you should definitely do sparkle, because…why not. I like the thought of a sequined blazer with a mod dress and heels. Very glamorous Twiggy model style.

    I really enjoyed your blog. Keep up the good work & posts because I love reading them!

  • madel

    wear your fav dress <3

  • Charlotte

    I love your outfit! You are my outfit inspiration! So girly yet comfy! LOOOOVVVVEEEE IIIITTTT

  • All the colors! I LOVE. YAASSS <33

  • Ewa

    I love your outfit! This shirt is amazing 🙂
    I think that you should wear something sparkly, party theme 😀 You look very good in sparkly clothes!
    You can also wear cupcake costume with big “BIRTHDAY GIRL” 😀

    xoxo, Ewa ^.^

  • Brianna Grant

    Everything is going on great?☺

  • Nina Greenhill

    wear that outfit!!! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY<3


    i just wanna know were she go her bike

  • Annika Chakos

    Happy Early Birthday!! Ily!! ?

    • Alice prisco

      she said her birthday was a month away
      mines in 8 days

  • Ailie

    such good pictures how do you do it?

  • sophi-anne

    love the outfit xoxo

  • Alice prisco

    i literally love the outfit but its the shoes I don’t like 1) I hate the colour pink 2)I would like them white

  • princess

    this is a really cute outfit 😛 i love it all!

  • EvaW

    omg, I love this is outfit and … my birthday is this week. I become 14 thursday.

  • anne-sophie dugré

    pictures are so nice<3

  • brenisha

    Happy birthday

  • mila


  • Victoria Gaudioso

    I LOVE your outfit and happy birthday!!!!!

  • Precious

    when was evas birthday

  • Ruby567loveit??

    My fave part of the outfit is the shoes?????❤️ I love the whole outfit but I like the shoes the best

  • HI

  • I LOVE YOU EVA! But are you currently making a new back to school video? Does Alisha have a blog? just curious

  • glittergirlfashion6

    i love it!

  • Melina Douziech

    I love it just as much as I love you! I follow you on YOUTUBE and Instagram and I think that you are the best! I don’t know you personally but I just know that you are amazing. I am just 12 but with my friend (Isobel) we love you! I really hope that I ll become like you when I get older and I really hope that you ll come to Perth (WA). Ilysm.
    XOXO, Melina (@mdzhxoxo on instagram) and Isobel (@isobel_2003). we Love you sooooo much xxxxx. Your Number 1s evanator!!!!!

  • Darya

    I love it just as much I love you

    • Chaise Jordan

      thats creepy

  • Ruby567loveit??

    Awesomsace is now a word in the dictionary !!!!????

  • Sophia Krah

    sups cutes

  • Olivia Pitts

    I love the shoes. They definitely give a more summery look to the outfit. The high waited shorts were also probably a much better choice than the skirt.

  • Kaya Dunne

    That’s your style not mine I can’t rock it like u

  • Ashley

    that’s a really nice outfit eva

  • Lida

    Eva,that`s so cool outfit

  • Erell

    Bonjour! I’m french and love your blog and your videos…it practice my english! I enjoy your hairstyle on this picture…try to do it on me 🙂

  • Joule Murphy

    I love this look, Eva. I am not as confident as you, so I would wear neutral shoes and colorful jewelry and/or a colorful bag.

  • Moira

    I love your awesome heals! They are awesome