#30DaysOfEvaOutfits – Biking in Newport!


IMG_9772-2 IMG_9810


IMG_9740 IMG_9807This past spring, I bought a new car. Like, not a used car- a brand new car. Beverly, my 2008 BMW, had died on me (bless her sweet soul), and I had given my old 1994 Toyota Avalon to my family, since they didn’t own a car. I had been spending what seemed like a fortune on BMW repairs for Beverly, and figured if I was spending so dang much on fixing her up each month, I might as well just move on.

So I bought my first “new” car. I went out on a man *excuse me* car hunt, sniffing nearly every interior from “fresh linen” to “new shoe” smell. I finally got a car I knew would not die on me the year after I got it *cough, Beverly, cough, cough*.

I haven’t posted anything about my car yet, mostly because I don’t want to be that person showing off my new things. I feel perfectly comfortable keeping my excitement to myself, mainly because I know a lot of people can’t afford to get new cars. Plus- I’d rather show off my new bike instead, as it’s much cooler.

In comes Sarah. That’s the name of my new bike, and yes, I did just name it within the seconds of me writing this. I like the name Sarah. It’s the name of one of my best friends, and it makes me think of a sweet girl who rides her bike all over town in the summer.

I knew for the longest time that I wanted to buy a beautiful blue bike for summer and deck it out with flowers in a basket. That’s when I ordered this Huffy bike from Walmart’s website. It arrived four days later.. totally not put together. What?

So there I was, sitting on my apartment floor in the 94 degree summer weather for days, screwing together wheels and fenders and handles and seats. After it was done, I rode it around my apartment a little to make sure it wasn’t going to fall apart on me in public, and by that I mean actually rode it around my apartment- dodging everything from sofas, to kitchen islands, to Paris, my cat.

The day after it was done, I loaded it into my car and drove it to Newport Beach.

It. Was. Amazing.

My friend Alaine and I blasted beachy music through my mini speaker, which I stored in the cup holder of the bike as we drifted along the coast. I rode the bike for a little while, but Alaine couldn’t skateboard, so we ended up switching and I rode my skateboard while she rode the bike. We cruised through the back streets of rich old people’s beach front homes. They stared at us like we were hoodlums, and the heat of their glares was nearly competing with the suns rays. Feeling the cool beachy air breezing through my hair as I zipped past the quaint homes on the coast was an experience I just can’t get with a car- no matter how new it is.

So my advice to you is to worry less about the expensive things in life. People always want to push us to buy nice homes, nice clothes and nice cars, and thats fine- but it’s so important to do things that are about the experiences, and not about the price. Ride a bike instead of a car every now and then. A bike can take you through the nooks and crannies of your neighborhood. It can be your escape when you can’t drive and just want to get out of the house. Park it next to you on the grass as you lay and watch the stars. Memories, especially when you’re young and growing up, mean everything. Experience and create memories, and the “finer things in life” stop looking like designer clothes and more like moments with your best friends.



I’m Wearing

White American Apparel Shorts

White High Top Converse

For Love and Lemons Bird Dress



  1. Eva you’re so funny in your videos and now you even have a blog!!! Just wanted to say that i love you,your videos and your blog!😘😍 #evanatorforlife
    Just picked a theme to my blog and I really look forward to make a blog like yours!! Xoxo

  2. That bike is amazing and I especially like the basket of flowers!!! Your stuff us always so gorgeous!! Ily

  3. You has anyone told you how good you are at writing? Well if no one has then their crazy! You are really great! I hope we can be friends!

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