The Perfect Summer Hairstyle


IMG_9147Ahh, the side braid. It’s the most simple braid. Even more simple than a simple braid… if that makes any sense. I always have trouble doing a braid to the back of my head. Am I the only one? I don’t even know how to french braid. I’m failing at this whole “girl” thing.

Since I am braid-challenged, I typically stick to the side braid. It’s quick, easy, and looks effortlessly beachy. Also, if you have highlights or multicolored hair, the colors will basically dance together in a swirl of perfection in a braid. Because of this, I think it is the most perfect summer hairstyle. Keep a ponytail band on you at all times, because you never know when you’ll need to do a quick hairstyle that makes you look great!

Braiding is simple, but if you don’t know how, here is a good link to teach you!

Eva Gutowski

YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski (better known as MyLifeAsEva) is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger with over 3 Million YouTube Subscribers and 5M followers across social media. Each week, Eva shares room-decorating tips, Tumblr-inspired outfits, day-in-the-life videos, and more.

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  • i love you, eva

  • Love your top in this! x

  • you’re right!simple braid may be the best!!I was trying to find new hairstyles for summer but i couldn’t sooo i am gonna use the braid hairstyle πŸ™‚

  • ” I don’t even know how to french braid. I’m failing at this whole β€œgirl” thing.” YES, I thought I was the only one.

    • Sophie P.

      OMG SAME

    • Angelina

      I love Eva


  • Your photos are so pretty I can’t get over it <333

  • Britt

    it’s amazing how you keep it all together!
    you blog, make youtube videos, travel, and so many other amazing stuff… i really look up to you! YOUR AMAZING EVA! <3

  • i love you so much ahh

  • Trsz

    I really like braids, they are really comfortable and sooo cute! Could you please talk about hair care for this summer? I would be really happy πŸ™‚

    Also, I love your blog/channel, I think you’re my favorite youtuber, you can transmit positive energy in your videos, In future, I’d love to have the opportunity to meet you and also to have my own channel.
    Thanks Eva, you’re such and inspiration for me πŸ™‚

  • emilyxsoccer

    LITERALLY MY LIFE NOW!!! thanks for introducing it to me!

  • I thought I am the only one with the unability of french- and normal-braiding on the back of my head.
    Thank you Eva for your videos, blogs, photos and a lot more. Love you xxx

  • Kate Doherty

    I thoguht that i was the only one failing at this girl thing!

    • Angelina

      Everyone is beutiful

  • Hannah

    And here i was thinking i was the only braid challenged person in the world xD

  • Mello D.

    Your hairstyles are the best!????
    I just would like to know how you started YouTube videos…im thinking about doing some one day.(Not sure)

  • Nina

    Hey Eva! Thanks for blogging recently! I’ve been loving your blog! πŸ™‚

  • Josefina La Rocca

    Eva I love your blog <3 literally perfect

  • During the summer my hair is always always in a side braid or high pony ????

  • Sophie P.

    this looks SO CUTE on you! whenever I go to do braids on myself it comes out looking like a random knot people do to quickly tie up their boat….. oops lol

  • infinityfreehugzz

    Goalsssssssssss I’ve been growing my hair out my whole life and it’s really thick and past my booty. Braids are a lifesaver. You look super super gorgeous in these photos just howoowowow goaslsdsjf;j love u Eva <3

  • Emily

    You really look great with blonde hair!

  • Angelina

    I love this blog thing and good work eva

  • Maddy Hubert

    you should do a how to upload YouTube videos on your channel, and how to start a channel. I love you Eva!!!!

  • cat

    you look SOOO pretty!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • manar

    eva omg girl you are amazing, you inspire me to do good in this world i love you so much #hearts

  • Eva

    I think the side braid is a nice casual look!

  • Alessandra Baroni

    Love you Eva!!❀️You ade literally my life

  • princess

    so pretty πŸ™‚

  • Naty Aguirre

    I totally agree the side bride is my go to hairstyle its cute yet really simple to do especially when your in a rush or just need something thats easy and cute at the same time.

  • khara

    Definitely like this hairstyle, use it all the time πŸ™‚

  • carmina cassidy

    i love u Eva can u follow me on Instagram @partylover111

  • Amber Ford

    Love you Eva! You inspire me!!!
    Better win the teen choice award!!!!!

  • danismiley


  • Julia Arturi


  • kind of like that haha

  • MeMyselfAndI

    So pretty!!!

  • genesis

    love you sooooooooooooo much you dont know how please notice me !!!!!!!!!!!! your my queen im a bit obsessed but because you are so amazing i would cry and die if you would respond i would never stop smiling make my dream come true…..

  • Ruby567loveit??

    I love you Eva if someone told you that your not pretty they are blind because you are so this gose for every one of you so don’t let them put you down because get up and say I’m pretty and I think so and your pretty to or your handsome to and they will back off because no one has told them that and you just did.β˜€οΈ??

  • Meleane


  • halle

    omg I loveee you

  • liv

    you are literally perfect!

  • Judy Branch

    Great hairstyle !

  • Torrie

    That looks AWESOME!!!

  • Curly Personality

    It looks so cool with highlights!

  • Danielle Rogers

    guuurrrrrl, I love you.

  • Danielle Rogers

    You should show how to create this hairstyle on here. It would be really cool to learn, especially coming from someone who is horrible at doing their hair.

    (Wwispers) it’s me…

  • Peaches_ 34

    so pretty

  • Maliha D



  • Decided to not wear sweatpants for a day
  • Going hard on redecorating my filming and office space today!hellip
  • Something about getting to fly through the clouds  Sohellip
  • I am just a ray of SUNSHINE