Finally Visiting Bates Motel + Tennis Chic


After crying over how good Maddi Bragg looked in all of her Bates Motel Instagrams, I finally got to take a trip there myself! Bates Motel is an abandoned hotel in Los Angeles that was recently given a heavy dumping of white limewash, all in the name of art.

The art, named “Projection,” was made by a french artist and has since become the newest mecca for photographers, models, and girls with iPhone 6s.

I of course had to experience it myself, since moments like this only come about when you’re young. When else would be it be deemed fit to drive all the way out to LA to sneak into an abandoned white building in the middle of broad daylight?

The hotel provided an amazing backdrop for photos! You could obviously tell it was popular, because while my friend and I were there we saw at least 15 people come and go. I even saw a family with their small kid sneaking in!

Naturally, I wanted to shoot some outfit photos for da blog (yes, we’re so close now that I can purposely mess up my spelling). For this location, I got really inspired by a trend I’ve been seeing a LOT lately: tennis chic.

Tennis Chic is basically when you take the look of a female tennis player and make it a street style. I love this style because personally I own legitimately 8 tennis skirts. This is my style. Maybe I started the trend, who knows? Totally kidding.

Tennis Chic only requires a few key pieces to get it right:

Tennis Skirt

I mean obviously you’re gonna want to have a tennis skirt for a tennis outfit! That’s just straight sense.

My favorite one: American Apparel Tennis Skirt in purple

Polo Shirt or Racerback Crop Top

Polo shirts will give you a more “street” effect, whereas a racerback top will give you more of an authentic tennis look. I love polos for this look because they look polished and preppy, which totally goes along with this look!

Running Shoes or White Tennis Shoes

For this look I went with black Nike Roshes, but if you don’t want to go full sporty you can opt for some cute white tennis shoes!

A Soft Tennis Hat

Any “baseball” style hat will do! Mine is an LA Dodgers hat, but don’t let anyone from my hometown know because theres a super strong rivalry with our team and them! I’m technically a traitor to my town. Shhhhh. I love how the blue hat adds a pop of color to this outfit, but I really do want to get my hands on a white or black Nike hat soon!

I’m Wearing:

LA Dodgers Official MLB Hat

American Apparel Black Tennis Skirt

Black Nike Roshes

Fred Perry Urban Outfitters Polo



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