My First Movie Premiere


Wow! My first big movie premiere. It’s insane to me to think I could get invited to such an event. Movie premieres are for celebrities, actors, famous people and their children! The truth is, YouTubers are taking over the world. It’s crazy how suddenly the worlds of film, television and internet are all colliding. Suddenly you can be a YouTuber winning a Grammy or starring in your own movie.

I picked my outfit for the premiere the night before and Snapchatted it (username: evadancer94) for you all to see! By the way, I would just like to say it took me two days until I finally figured out which form of “premiere” to use for this event…and I’m still confused.

For this event I wanted to dress classy but toned-down. I mean, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Would people be wearing jeans, nice shoes and a blazer? Or a full-on suit? What kind of look was this?

I went with an old and trusted black dress that I bought around last year from Ted Baker. It was the first nice dress I ever invested in. I love it because its the perfect length for my super petite body, and its got a high neckline- the only type of neckline I wear. To top it off, it has a bunch of bling at the collar for just the extra sparkle I needed. It was perfect for the occasion.

I paired it with white heels, and, of course, the Chanel bag that I got myself for working so hard the past few months. It’s safe to say that after saving up for that purchase, I’m done shopping for at least a little while.

I think the next premiere I go to, I’ll add more color into my look and be more daring then just black. Truth is, Im not a little black dress type of person. I never was. I always had to wear color in my outfit! I even toyed with the idea of wearing cat ears to the premiere but figured I’d scope it out and see if it was fitting for the next event.

It’s fun to dress classy every now and then, but I think I feel much more comfortable in my colorful tennis skirts and crop tops 🙂

Until tomorrow,


I’m Wearing:

Ted Baker Collared Dress

Chinese Laundry White Heels



  1. Eva can you upload a how to start a successful youtube channel part 3 and your next blog post of all your equipment gear and how you come up with great video ideas 🙂

    • theres supposed to be a little follow button at the bottom right corner of your screen and all you do is enter an email then go on your email and verify it’ s pretty easy

  2. What website do u use to make your blog 😱 Its so amazing ! 😍 plz respond and btw your newest video is actual goals AF ! 👌🏼

    • This is a website. Com not Org because they are different. Its super easy and totally free to start a blog on. You could pay for some things if you wanted to but I’ve been able to run my own blog on here without paying a penny. 🙂

  3. I love you and your videos and your fashion blogs and I just had a thought maybe after you do fashion blogs you could do DIY blogs and keep doing some fashion ones too you inspire me to be a better writer, think outsidethe box, be myself and don’t care what others think about my style, and you inspire me to be a better person I hope you see this if you do maybe check out my insta?😏 @haleighwileyy

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