What I Wore While Filming My New Video!


Hey guys!!

It’s been only a few days and I already feel like I’ve missed you. The other day, my YouTube besties Alisha and Jeanine were over, and we were shooting our new collab all centered around…SLEEPOVERS! (a little sneak peek for my blog readers). Since the whole video theme was sleepovers, we put off filming until 9:30 PM. Alisha, who is always optimistic, figured we’d- and I quote- “finish in 2 hours.” 10 hours later we finally shut our cameras off at the ripe time of 7:30 a.m.

This wasn’t our first collab that went into the next morning; little do you know, the Prom video I did also consisted of many cups of Keurig brewed coffee and 5 cranky and tired YouTubers.

The long night of constant running around made me pretty sick. Not the sickest I’ve ever been (meaning clutching the toilet as I threw up salted crackers and chicken soup in my last day of clean underwear), but trust me- I was sick. By the middle of the night I was heaving and wheezing, and both Jeanine and Alisha grew concerned for my health.

I woke up with a raging fever, a hot sweat and a lot of delusion. Luckily I had Andrew come to my apartment and fix me up with Campbell’s soup and a donut.

But anyways- let’s go back to before I got sick. Despite the long night I had ahead of me, I still decided to spend my day filming another video that I can’t tell you too much about yet! After filming, I decided to shoot my outfit so you could see what I wear when I film a typical video!

You’ll notice when I film my videos, I LOVE wearing colorful clothes. As you know, my whole life is saturated 100%, and naturally, so are my outfits. Right now I’ve been loving cobalt blue, as it sticks out so much on camera. If you look at my Instagram since Coachella, you’ll notice I absolutely adore this patterned romper from Zara. I was actually at a party where I noticed a girl wearing it, and asked her where it was from because the romper was just too “Eva” to pass up. I immediately bought it within that week, and have worn it at least a dozen times since then.

I paired the romper with a grey Rebecca Minkoff Mac and some silver Steve Madden platforms that are surprisingly really uncomfortable around the ankles. I lightly curled my hair and I was out the door!

As you can see, my outfits and world are always pretty colorful. I like to see the world in color because I see color as life, as everything seems happier when it’s got life to it!

I’m wearing:

Zara Cut Out Printed Jumpsuit

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

Steve Madden Stefano 



  1. omg Eva ily so much I’ve been watching your videos for a pretty long time and I’ve recently found your blog and been really into it. Your just such an inspiration although, yeah I know you probably won’t see or read this but I thought that if you were going to read any comments it would be most likely on here rather than on instagram where you have like millions of comments 😂😂 your videos bring happiness to my life cause you can be really funny but your also so chill in your videos like you act pretty weird (on my side that is a really good compliment though lol) and on this blog you seem so deep and descriptive and like any normal human being . I’m such a fan btw well obviously but… yeah.

  2. when is the video coming up. Come On!! I need know i’ve been waiting ages since alishas vlog when she told us

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