Another Day, Another Bikini


Enjoy these *cough* attractive photos of me on the beach.

So the other day I went surfing with Jeanine in Laguna, and the next day I figured (as it was a Sunday) that if we were to do anything, It would be go to the beach yet again. The one thing I hate about Sundays is that everything closes so early, and I, being still somehow jet lagged from Thailand, can’t appreciate early closing hours when I wake at the ripe hour of 3 pm.

So we went to Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna. It’s supposed to be a “secret” beach, but since so many people know about it now, the only thing still a (quite annoying) secret is the perfect place to park in order to find its coveted staircase.

After searching for twenty minutes up and down Coast Highway for a parking spot and nearly running out of gas, we finally parked on ninth street and followed a small crowd of people to a narrow staircase covered by tropical bushes.

The weather started off warm, and we tanned while listening to G-Easy. As if I need a tan. Im 5 foot 5 of pure toasty brown goodness. Im like a brown sugar pop tart. I ended up getting quite an interesting tan thanks to my new white Forever21 swim top that I recently found on sale. Its funny because people always look at weird bathing suits and say “Wow, that’ll be an interesting tan!” but no one ever actually tans weird. Then the one day I wear a trendy bikini top, I get weird caged tan lines all over my back.

The sun then started to fade, and we started getting cold. We laid out for a bit longer and then packed up and headed to Irvine Spectrum for some Tender Greens.

I hope you enjoy this awkward photo of me trying to shield my eyes from the piercing sun as Jeanine stands over me with her little toes in the shot 🙂 We really do look weird in public #Youtubers.

On Me:

Forever 21 White Caged Swim Top

Forever 21 Purple Tie Swim Bottoms

Eva Gutowski

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  • Love the pictures, such good quality.

  • I love the pictures! But where did you get your towels? They’re gorgeous!

  • Love the pictures? But where did you get your towels? They’re gorgeous!

  • I agree…Sundays are just a bland, boring day…and yes, I do want to go shopping after 5.30pm on a Sunday evening. Hehe! Anyways….I have just discovered your blog and thought that our writing style is very similar. Hope to see more of your blogs in the future. xx

  • These pictures look amazing, what do you use to edit (if they are edited) and take them?

  • I wish I was at the beach right now but sadly I live in….Ohio

  • Hi Eva! Interesting and lovely post 🙂 Besides your Youtube career, I didn’t knew you have such a good skill of writing! Really enjoy your creativity, go girl!
    Claudia <3

  • Liva

    Nice Beach day huh?❤️❤️

  • i like the photos you put on your blog!!They look so amazingg <3 Hope one day i'll take as nice photos as you ^_^

  • ohh i have also a blog with my best friend like you’s not as good as yours but we try our best..If you have time maybe you could look at it?it would mean a lot to me <3

  • I’m always thinking if I should buy or I should not buy trendy bikinis ahah. Those crazy tan lines ! Xx, Regina **

  • L

  • I love your outfit and you are funny ily

  • Hannah

    The photos are really nice
    but i think it’s actually G-eazy
    Correct me if i’m wrong
    btw english isn’t my first language so i’m sorry haha

  • helina w

    I honestly think there should be a “My life as Eva” app because having to go type all of these letters to get to your blog is too much for me. Wow I’m dumb okay

  • SunShine33

    I love your blog Eva and I love your YouTube channel, and thank you, you inspire me so much and you help me out a lot. 🙂
    Love, your fan Kaleena

  • olivia

    Wow just Wow that is sooo supa-kawaii you are sooooooo amazinng and also sooooooo inspiraational and the writing is just wow so amazing and keep up the good work and also I’m as weird as any youtube out there that is as weird as a weird panda [ in a good way ] also from your fan Olivia Nguyen your 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TuQuynh Nguyen

    I love her blog!!!

  • Nina

    Love the pictures, Eva!!

  • Audrey Dompierre

    i love you eva!!

  • Gabby

    I totally love yourvideos and I love this blog #fangirling

  • charlene forde

    love you so much and you don’t say about the private beach experienced here Sundays places close the earliest

  • Nikxy.H

    I love that bikini I wish I had one like that

  • christy

    i love the bikini

    • mickey


  • mickey

    i love this it was soooooo cute

  • emily c.

    so cute

  • emily c.

    you look so cute in rhat

  • emily c.


  • Joule Murphy

    Eva, your life is so amazing.

  • Malani



    Hi, My name is Ava. I am 10 years old. I have small ulcers in my tummy and have other tummy issues. I just got my laptop 4/3/17. I watch all of your videos. I love how you spread positivity around the world. You may think I’m a hacker but I’m not. I’m a fan. You inspire me to not be afraid of who I am! I would love to meet you!


  • Cant believe itssallwild launches today! Im currently in Spain freakinghellip
  • Roses roses gold
  • Mom and dad of Paris and Hanalei
  • Flashes on matches comment below how old you are!