Coast meets Country 


Hung out at Huntington Beach yesterday, and naturally I had to wear everything that i had recently purchased the day before- despite the fact that every new item had the element of country to it. Now I know Huntington Beach. It’s famous for being one of the spots where you could be wearing a fitted tee and some cool boot cut jeans, and local beach teens would still look at you like you’re completely out of place. Let’s just say I knew the fashion judgements id be getting into with this outfit. But I didn’t care. I mean, I can’t be the only one who finds every possible reason to wear their new clothes the second they can, and one of my biggest fashion tips I make myself listen to is “if I don’t want to wear a new item immediately, it’s probably never going to be worn”.

So I donned my crimson red studded boots and my embroidered floral frock and headed to the pier to radiate some southern hospitality. I ended up scouring some bikini boutiques, only to find that the price for a single bottom was more than my college textbook rentals. I ended up going in to forever21 and buying honestly I don’t even know how many bathing suits- I’m going to guess ten, all under $100. Still under the price of one bikini bottom. You can use my forever21 receipt to soak up the tears of joy of how much money we saved.
Long story short, wear whatever you want, even if people will laugh at you and not understand your eclectic style. Splurge on things every once in a while, but know where to shop for things worth saving on.

On me: 

Bohemian Bones Besos Dress in Arizona Floral

Kate Bosworth x Matisse Starry Eyed Leather Boot

Ray Ban Round Flash Blue Flash Sunglasses

Eva Gutowski

YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski (better known as MyLifeAsEva) is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger with over 3 Million YouTube Subscribers and 5M followers across social media. Each week, Eva shares room-decorating tips, Tumblr-inspired outfits, day-in-the-life videos, and more.

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  • Emma

    Omg eva! I love your style and how you would where whatever you want without caring what anyone else thinks or says! You are such an inspiration! Love you

  • Gorgeous outfit! Truer words were never spoken. I’m slowly working on this, but it definitely takes time to feel comfortable in the face of judgement.

  • Liva

    Wow your like the only one that agree in me, that fashion tip is like my life. All my freinds are like:
    No no it can wait no rush” me:
    Gotta wear my new awesome close now and experience the world whit it!<3

  • Loving all these colors!! I’m glad you didn’t care about other people thoughts because the photos turned out to be amazing !!
    Love the lip color !! Xx, Regina **

  • Djihane

    Love your confidence Eva! Every single one of your blogs always has a special message and teaches us new things which I love! Also your style is amazing! I used to always be that type of girl who was always worried about what people would think about my outfit but now i don’t care because I can wear what I want and I love that you’re like that too 🙂 BTW, the photos turned out amazing like always xx

  • Nina

    I would never have the courage to purchase those shoes. But theu look great on you! You dare to mix and match other pieces where you never would thought they’d fit toughetr

  • Whitney

    The dress is so cute! I love how as long as you like it, it doesn’t matter what other people think. Love ya Eva <3

  • Anissa Mott

    I love your purse!!

  • Amya

    I am a really big fan of Eva??

  • mishal

    amaya will you friendship me?

  • Ruby567loveit??

    This outfit really cute it is so Eva and the red boots really make the whole outfit pop I love the flower pattern on her dress I’m so loving it Eva ❤️

  • sarahp

    I mean it kinda makes me sad. How I used to feel so connected to Eva but I realized millions of others felt the same way..

  • #Abbie?

    The boots are soooooooo cute especially with that dress!!!!

  • I love your blog and your youtube channel i live for when you post anything, youtube, instagram and on this blog<3.

  • CarolynC

    What color lip stick is that?

  • lotta driessens

    Wow its a beautiful dress and bag and its just beautyful ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • The Hipster

    Where doo you buy all your clothes and baiting suits?

  • ingrid rosales

    OMG I AM JEALOUS GIRL. But yeah love your fashion and that you are positive.#LOVEYOURLIFE

  • ingrid rosales

    Email:[email protected]

  • Abbie

    Hey Eva I was hoping if you get to my comment if you could please come to Wellington New Zealand? I know it cost a lot but it is so worth it, the country is amazing but would be even better if you came. Please come to Wellington if you do. Auckland is not as good as Wellington. Thankyou xxxxxx You probably want even read this but you are an amazing person who always makes me smile xxxxxx thankyou xxxx

  • jazline

    Hey Eva I saw all your youtube channels and I wish I was just like you you are so cool you are the best youtube ever you are the best!!!!!!!

  • faith

    you are the dest

    • Yuting Zhu


  • My favourite outfit that I have ever seen Eva! Wow, such great styling!

    – Marie x

  • Nina and Brooke♡

    Hey Eva, we are such big fans of your blog and your YouTube channel. We have a blog too and we were wondering if u wanted to check it out and maybe subscribe?(?if u want)and anyone else to feel free to check it out and subscribe as well??
    The blog website is:

    Keep being awesome?

    From Nina and Brooke


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  • Mom and dad of Paris and Hanalei
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